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  • Good news. Injuries are his only problem. Whilst we will probably never see him reach the heights he did pre NFL, he is still nrl quality.

  • Great news

  • Lol are the comments sarcastic. Great news
  • I don't expect anything quality from him but it felt wrong seeing him another Club’s colours

  • He's our best outside back atm
    • Chief has your account been hacked!!!!!! Something positive lol

  • not great news .F***KIN GREAT NEWS 

  • Very unfortunate for our club, 2 year contract after playing a handful of games lol, the useless kent will be out injured the majority, hes also got a court case that will be playing on his mind.

    This will backfire on us, ive no doubt..

  • Assuming the rumour to be credible, its whats to be expected I guess. Whilst I think its the wrong call, I hope that for the teams sake, Princess can get some of his mojo back.

    I really think that this decision is indicative of where Parra is at as an NRL Franchise. It would appear that we r not yet looking forward, we r not yet focused on the future, not focused on about being winners, winning is not yet paramount in our outlook, we r still looking backwards & a drift in an illusion of reminiscing.

    I suppose an extension of BA's tenure could also be on the cards as well. It would be congruous with our current situation.

    Oh well, I anticipate another era of Unicorn forlorn hope, next year, next year, always next year.

    • The Princess lol. Michael you're a great character.
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