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Just heard on the radio this morning, Jarryd Hayne set to re-sign with Parra for a further 2 seasons. Essentially meaning he finishes his career in the Blue & Gold.

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Exactly.  A top line centre young or old is going to demand more than we would pay Hayne.  He has held his own and is certainly not the reason we are losing games this year.  Good decision I think.

You got a versatile player that can basically play Center / Fullback / Wing / 5/8 or even Lock and play the positions at a pretty decent level.

He's probably our best player in the backs at the moment. 

I doubt he'd be on more than $500k, ok he's had a few injuries, but since he's come back the last few games he's been solid. 

Has he helped us this year CP?

When he has been on field yes i believe he has helped. Unfortunately he's been injured.

We probably havent got the value out of him that we wanted, but there is still 8 rounds to go and I really think we need someone like Hayne to get us off the bottom of the ladder. 

On the training field i wouldn't know, i don't go anywhere near TCT to find out. :) 

I do read just in the papers etc and whether its true or not that he does help fill in the leadership role. 

Fair enough mate, im just concerned he's pulled the wool over our eyes and we are buying a clapped out datsun who will not give us value for money.

Trying to build teams with these injury prone and emotional dopes is rife with danger.

I can dead set see him playing less than half our games in the next two years, wouldnt be at all surprised if he didnt have a season ending injury early on next year and probably the next.

If the 450 rumour is legit, who's going to pay the 1m+ this chick wants in the states?

If he loses that and is forced to pay big money, the 450k he gets off us a year is starting to look extra small for him, whats he going to do then?

Go to the highest bidder in France?

Ive just got a bad feeling about this.

Yeah its a gamble with his injury and i'm not jumping with excitement on the signing. 

Fark after this he'll probably get injured tonight and be gone for the season.  

But in terms of finding a decent center at $450k ? 

If he decides to ask for a release and goes to France, its really no loss. 50% of the fans will be happy that he goes.  

if this is true why would we buy blake ferguson , and brad says he will play centre not wing, i think iits a gee up.,hayne wont play again for$500,000 no way. hes wants the bank.

He wont get the bank in RL Robbie, his just not as valuable as he once was.

Hayne signing for $450k per year. His asking price is on its way down not up

Where did BA say Ferguson is playing centre? Bet you can’t find a quote anywhere BA saying that? 

has there beren news on this secrit trainer? has he improved the eels, or is it all hotair.
we will see the real eels tonight right.... go the eels.... we dont have luck with newcastle in the past and worse with the refs in these games ,i could guess we may have cummons or henry ...
Unless Jennings is being shopped around


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