• Defence has been good, attack a bit scattered 

    • Give credit where its due. David Gower best playmaker out ther.

      • Gower is a footballer, we looked more settled with him on the field - Dunster moves really well and made a few nice runs

  • Dragons had a poor game. 
    We were kissed by a rainbow when Dufty went down. He would have made a hell of a difference.
    Our defence was a lot better. 

    Gutho and taka have had a poor tournament so far. 
    As for our conversions - the less said the better. 

  • Gowie was our most dangerous player, you can't help but love what he  brings the team and club.



    if we play the same on the Quarters we'll get thumped.

    • Always so positive mate. 

      • Sorry for being a realist, you think if we keep playing the same we will win???


        At least we are still in with a shot but the players looked disinterested bar a few.

        • Okay, so we won our quarter final - so what's the gripe du jour, Al?

  • We seem to be playing as if its just about getting a bit of a run for the boys rather than play 9s footy

    • We look so tired and as if we dont wanna be out there

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