Gutho Vs Hayne. Who ya got?

In light of Gutho's stellar season and Dally M contention, who would you have in your team?

Two vastly different playing styles, Guthos all out consistent effort and professionalism vs Haynes game winning talent but hot and cold attitude.

Who do you want as your fullback?

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      • I guess I’m saying that if I was the coach, I could find the keys to unlock Haynes motivation and focus. Imagine a Hayne who actually thought of his team first and gave his all every week. 

        • 100 percent mate.  Right there was the key.  Anyway, not going to happen.   He has bigger concerns!

        • That was actually Hayne in 2014. He won his second Dally M that season alongside Johnathan Thurston. He was much more about effort plays that year than the fancy stuff. I'd take Hayne in that form over Gutho any day. His defence was outstanding, positional play was great, carried the ball back hard, supported his halves. Then he still had the game breaking ability that Gutho doesn't have which is the skillset to simply turn it on and skin defenders. IMO, the 2014 Dally M was a better indicator of how Hayne was growing as a player and a much more even keeled season than 2009.

      • 09

  • Like you said, completely different styles and different people. I'll tell you one thing, if you could find a bloke with Hayne's natural football talent and athleticism and pair it with Gutho's determination, heart and will to win, then holy shit you'd have a bloody good footballer.

    • James Tedesco ?

  • Yes 2 vastly drifferent types of players. Hayne was 1 ofthe most naturally gifted players butwas lazy and self indulged but I would pick him. Guth is a team player who gives his all but if both were playing Hayne would be fullback and guth would either be centre or pushed into the halves.

  • Ken Thornett 

    • Tick!

  • Gutho is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Hayne is 99% inspiration and 1% perspiration. 

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