Game Vs Souths

How do we stop souths? we have a horrible record against them and latrell is on fire.thoughts?

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    • That's it Muttman, can the Jam and support the slide. I think Souths are a side that can be frustrated into low percentage plays, or at least Latrel and Cody can lose their cool, especially Walker. So it will take a patient, settled and trusting defensive line to squeeze Souths out, then get  someone into Walkers face, this is where Nathan Brown would be so useful. 

  • We defend as we did against Manly in the second half. No matter what is happening inside, Sivo & Waqa didnt jam in, they slid & gave time for Penisini & Opacic to cover. Saab had 4 line breaks in the first half, and zero in the second after BA made changes to the defensive structure at half time.

    We jam in on Cody, Latrell etc they will tear us apart as they move the ball probably quicker than any other team. Souths can become frustrated & if their game plan to go around our edges isnt working, they will make mistakes.

    Like against Manly, we have to be willing to throw the ball around within our half too because again we are going to need 24-30 points to win this game. 

    Treat this game like a Grand FInal as the winner of this one could well take the Storms spot in the top 4.

    Just my opinion, but listening to BA talk about this game post Manly, I think we'll turn up with everything again this week - whether thats good enough to win, not so sure. 

  • WE have to play direct through the middle, off loads and then give Dylan and co room to square up his opposite.  Seriously dont know how we stop their signature plays.   If Waqa stays out and JA and Penisini slide we are a chance. Fractured line and they will destroy us. 

  • It's got to start with defensive line speed and doing all the little things correctly to win this one.Kick chase and make them come hard out of corners.Kick early make Latrell run don't wait until the 5th.Mix up our sets don't give them the same look.

    We saw bits and pieces of it against Manly the ball movement is there.

    Go find Ilias and Walker,our edges have been deadly of late.I expect a big game from Papali'i this week I thought he was quite last week.

    If we stop them in the middle it take Cook away.

  • We must win on the back of our defence, doesn't happen much 

  • Sacrifice a sub and get him to take Mitchell out early.

    • was thinking this

  • Due for a win I guess

  • I think everyone including BA has pencilled that in as a Loss. 

  • It seems Souths have used their recent matches against us as attacking drill practice.

    They know exactly how to play us.

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