Game Day Blog - Eels vs Dragons.

Will dead cats bounce?

This is a game the Eels should win looking at the form of both teams, the talent of both teams and the home ground advantage.

Having said this, how many times have we seen a team lose a coach and lift?

This won't happen tonight. The Eels have been winning very ugly, but winning nonetheless.

This game shapes as THE game for the Eels to get back some of that early season, scintilating form. I'm expecting the Eels to not only win, but win by plenty.

Last week's tireless efforts in an absolute quagmire should bid them well. I'm hoping that Sivo tears Norman a new asshole like last year.

Matto back is exciting and I really can't wait to see him on the field again. The ratings should be high and I'd expect a massive game from the Eels' forward pack.

Let's hope that our wingers take some smelling salts before running out tonight.

So, who will win and by what margin?



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    • No injuries and a win to the Eels and I will be a happy  man

  • I'd like to think we win by lots but with us right now I can't pulse where we are at as a team.

    If we have an eye on next week I can see it being a bludger but as mentioned I'd expect us to win by a fair few.

  • If it rains eels by 10. If it doesn't rain eels by 20.

  • Parra by 10

    MOM - Gutho

  • If dry oval eels to score 50 and win by al least 38....................If raining eels to score 30 and win by at least 18........... . Finally if it is torrential rain like last week then it will be easier to pick the lotto numbers than the score but Parra to win by at least 12  in any event.........................MOM:  Mika Siva 

  • Maybe we need Ray Price glaring at a few of the Parra players as they run out. If that doesn't get them fired up nothing will.

    • Yeah, with a bit of tomato sauce smeared across his forehead.


  • Eels by 40. M o m sivo ! sivo ! sivo !

  • Bloody raining again .   Slog and flog .   Needed nice dry track to run into some form before The Storm game.   Should still win with matto back .,parra by 6 mom Browny 

    • Bankwest drains very well. Other than a slippery ball is won't make much difference.

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