Game Day Blog - Eels vs Dragons.

Will dead cats bounce?

This is a game the Eels should win looking at the form of both teams, the talent of both teams and the home ground advantage.

Having said this, how many times have we seen a team lose a coach and lift?

This won't happen tonight. The Eels have been winning very ugly, but winning nonetheless.

This game shapes as THE game for the Eels to get back some of that early season, scintilating form. I'm expecting the Eels to not only win, but win by plenty.

Last week's tireless efforts in an absolute quagmire should bid them well. I'm hoping that Sivo tears Norman a new asshole like last year.

Matto back is exciting and I really can't wait to see him on the field again. The ratings should be high and I'd expect a massive game from the Eels' forward pack.

Let's hope that our wingers take some smelling salts before running out tonight.

So, who will win and by what margin?



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  • Eels by 22.

    MOM Moses.

  • I'm hoping that the wet weather footy last week hasn't affected our blokes, Eels 24-10 winners

  • We should win this easily. That was what we were saying for the dogs game and we all saw how that went. We SHOULD put at least 20 on them.

    Bomb to Dufty. He's chicken sh*t and prefers to let the ball bounce than take the bomb and a hit from the on-coming traffic. I've seen him pull out numerous times. Ravelawa is shit too. He can land the odd hit here and there but his positional play is park footy level.

  • Before Mary got the ass it was Parra by 26 but now I think it will be far tighter

    Parra by 8 - with a late converted try.

    Lets hope the rains not as torrential this game - forecasted to start at around 7pm - not ideal for attacking footy once again.

    • Mary is still coaching tonight? If that's the case I think the Dragons lose big. I do not understand publicly sacking him and giving him one more game? What is the point of that? Players would be sitting there asking why they should listen to this bloke, someone many of them disliked anyway. It's farcical. Eels by heaps. 

    • Yeah, interesting arguments Mutts and Frank. Will the Dragons want to win it "For Mary", or be shot birds "WTF is happening next, post-Mary"?

      Either way, we need to beware of our own complacency, and not underestimate the Dragons. At least, we're showing we can win these close nail-bitters. That's a change from the past. We've just got to step up a few gears on that, because the real litmus tests are to come.

    • The weather may play a part in the match, and could depend on how heavy it is.

      The biggest question though is with the opposition, as to how they play, given Mary is finished after the game. Two scenario's in this area, 1: They will play as usual and eels will win with a good margin. 2: They will play at their top ability as a send off to Mary showing him up as a poor coach and offered the players nothing, they could well take a leaf out of the Bronco's performance in a good riddance performance.

  • Parra 26 Dragons 12. MOM my little mate, Reed Mahoney.

  • I'm hearing that Dunstar may play tonight not sure who would miss out possibly Fergo getting another rest. 

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