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Looks like Frankies blog about Magpies blog has now been closed. Oh the irony.

In any case, I'm curious to know why these blogs would be closed? Sure they might be getting a bit long winded and repetitive, but at the very least couldn't the moderator closing the blogs at least post why they are closing them?

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                    • Yah nah. You haven't got time to load a generic avatar? It's a "I've got a Harley" picture. That's classic male bluster stuff. The "prof" thing is look at me sort of stuff too. So is "I've got a PhD".  It's not that common on a footy forum - as is evidenced by this site. I'm not sure whether it's elitist or a bit of little man syndrome. 

                      There are plenty of folks on here with an education who have an opinion about X but they don't use their education as a crutch to back their arguement. HoE and Frank are examples of both - and they argue on different sides.

                      That's the whole point - the forum equalises all opinions and puts everyone on a level footing. That's the beauty of it - one blokes opinion is just as valid as the next - doesn't matter whether he (or she) is a Rhodes Scholar or a Road Scholar - they're judged on what they say and how they say it, not their credentials for saying it.

                    • The Greens,

                      If they stuck to "cleaning house" then I would respect that Tad, its when they start talking about economics that I become scared.

                      I have always said the answer to climate change and the environment for that matter is "good housekeeping" . Good house keeping means working to a budget with sensible responses to obvious problems.

                      e.g. if you have a drought or a water shortage problem, you may have to share the bathwater for a family of say 5......the problem is when the bathwater is finally emptied the "baby" can easily be thrown out with it!

                    • Nothing wrong with being arrogant Daz, in my case you just have to say "prick" to go with it.   ......everyone then just nods! Lol

                    • Poppa if the Greens can have an impact on cleaning our house it will be worth it whatever the cost.It does not get any cleaner the way it has been going.mate



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                    • We should 'clean house' of the greens Tad.

                      Ive got a radical new idea.

                      If i was PM, i'd create hard labour camps to put the lefties, SJWs, Feminists, teachers, short haired women and professors in. Where they'd live and make trivial items for the rights entertainment..

                      Id have a constant line of trains providing workers, they would obviously be looked after very well.

                      ''Work will set you free'' will be the camps motto.


                    • Yes Snake  those were the good old days





                    • Good try, Kram, but who is judging who because of credentials? Your whole post is a whine that I have some and from there you act like some dude who wants to date me but thinks he needs to chop me down a bit first to stand a chance. Ooooh, look at his scene name and pic. Get over it buddy. Shall we debate your screen name? Your pic? Why?

                      Now Poppa wants to rescue you and say you're trying to raise bigger questions. Because Poppa is so nice, I'll accept his interpretation. So let's ask whether the bulk of my posts have ever rested on credentials? On an argument from authority (the logical term and a logical fallacy). Do I write "X is true because I am Y"? I often write X is true because of reasons A and B and Not-X is this or that because of reasons Q and S. If you think that's the same as an argument from authority than you are just plain wrong and deluded about what makes an argument. Moreover, based on rather constant feedback on this site, it appears I am one of the more annoying and probably disliked members. I suspect long posts with reasons in them has something to do with that status. And long posts with reasons explicated are not arguments from authority. 
                      Lastly, again in Poppa's spirit of charity, in that last thread that was closed, Magpie thread or something, I did in fact raise the issue of my PhD. But I raised it for a reason that resonates with what you said about arguing without relying on credibility. It seems to me that many pick out some credential and then claim that credential obviated that person's opinion. It's a weird ad hominem based on the idea that specialist knowledge somehow divorces a person from the world. So I raised my own training to say that was ridiculous. Maybe you have a very short memory and only pinned me just Magpie's post. I don't know. But there, I directly addressed your point, in the spirit of Poppa's charity, and will leave it up to you whether you want to stop blathering pointlessly about screen names and avatars. 

                    • Poppa, I get arrogant bastard. To which I reply that I wish I was a bastard because my father is actually a cunt. 

                    • Snake, didn't the police march the Greens MP with a shoe in his name off to the labour camp the other day (outside Kirribilli House)?

                      Your plan is already under way!

                    • I like that post from Pop - I don't think it was an attempt to "rescue" me though. I also don't think you are one of the more disliked members on this site - certainly not by me anyway.

                      My point is that this site is an environment and the people that live in this environment should, I reckon, adjust their behaviour to best deal with the environment. Portraying one's self as a smarter-than-all professor draws heat - that's just the way it is. 

                      Know your audience, horses for courses - all that sort of stuff. I'm an administrator on an aviation website and forum - the language and level of expertise (on that subject) on those forums simply wouldn't work here - it's a different environment. If someone posted a blog on here about people dying on Boeing MAX 8's because of corporate greed and I came on here as Captain Cocksure with a 777 avatar telling them to shut the fuck up because I know more about that shit than they do I'd be pegged as a wanker.

                      It's why text books read differently to newspapers. It's the art, or skill, of portrayal and communication - and getting a message accross at a level that can be related to by the person reading it. The language used in a lecture hall is very different to that used on a construction site or a factory floor. This site's probably somewhere in the middle.

                      You might call it "dumbing it down".

                      I admire your credentials Daz, and I envy your ability to teach - I wish I had that ability, it would certainly make my life easier. Yes, I do admire you, but I certainly don't want to, under any circumstances, date you :)


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