Former Eels Player Jailed for 17 years

Former NRL player Aukuso Junior Paulo jailed for 17 years over plot to supply 900kg of cocaine

By Jamie McKinnell

Posted5 hours ago, updated5 hours ago
Aukuso Junior Paulo played for Parramatta Eels before injury ended his career.(Supplied)

A former Parramatta Eels NRL player has been jailed for 17 years over a foiled plot to supply 900 kilograms of cocaine.

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    • Because we're the biggest club of all.


      • Question for thought: if he had also played for Melbourne or Roosters would media have announced that player as " ... ex Parramatta player " 

    • Mick, I reckon they figure they can get more clicks for a "like" Junior Paulo image of the story....hence Parra link to the name, really the story has nothing to do with NRL.... haven't seen a story about a former gardner gets 17 years or Council worker gets, etc unless it had something to do with their job.

      I can see the headline now, former IEE commentator and well known poster makes his initial appearance on video with "Pansy at the bottom of the garden"  Snake as he is known on the one eyed eel site is very well regarded in the sex industry for his "dungeon" deals and numerous bleaching products that are generally not available to the

      Agent for Snake ...Francis Fong says that when legends get a roll on no one can stop us being the best at our job..... there appears  to be no link with Fong and Peking Duck who was the accused trafficer of the cocaine heist that involved Junior Paulo (no relation to other well known ex Parra player Slugg....who made a name for himself in the early 60's playing in the Pig's at Parra and is a renowned Peking Duck fan).

      Ah! rumours do you stop them

  • Left in 2008.

    Never played 1 st grade for us.

    Shit ball journalism again.

    • I do remember him playing at least once for us. I remember he threw a 20m cut out pass on our own line 

      • He played 17 games between 2007 and 2009 apparently. I don't remember him either...


    • Left in 2009. Played 17 first grade games for us. 

      I'm surprised so few of you don't remember him. He, along with Weller Hauraki were touted as the 'next big things' when they came into grade. Needless to say, he was not deserving of the wraps and quickly disappeared. He is Joseph Paulo's brother.

  • I have the NRL season guides he’s not listed in the 2007 but is in 2008 and 2009 ,born 8-9-83 ,junior club St Clair Comets ,hight 191 cm weight 110 kg ,debut against North Queensland parramatta stadium 19-5-7 round 20 .

  • He played for us in 2007 off the bench, played prop 

This reply was deleted.

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