Footy IQ and Footy Smarts

This concept of IQ and footy smarts has become popular in recent times and I'm starting to wonder if we recruit from the other end. i.e. like picking a monkey, because you know you can train Parra's case it seems that in terms of defense, technique and strategy that we are untrainable!

I look at our two wingers and one centre, throw in Cartwright.....and anyone that looks like a bopper and is not junior or rcg......when they tackle they get up on the wrong side of the ruck, invariably when they tackle the tackled player is up before they are and finally how many players trip over themselves to chase when they miss a tackle.

The technique we have is almost comical and on the other side of the coin, our best two tacklers are our halves and who most people think lose us every match we don't win.

A fecitious observation on behalf of this little black duck is that we got what looked like the perfect forward in Hopgood, it has taken us 3 matches to bring him back to looking like a mediocre Parra standard.....on top of this we have a coach who is abject about bench rotation, but decides to fix this by rotating off our best forward in Hopgood......

Sounds like a plan or a script for a Charlie Chaplain movie........for the IEE supporters who do not know who Charlie Chaplain is think of a skit with Waqar Blake and Simmonsson on the ground playing knuckles with a football and not being able to figure out why the ball doesn't balance on the back of their hands!

I watched the Souths vs Easts game last night and saw 17 stone forwards who had good corordination, knew how to tackle and last for at least 10/15 minutes and thought to myself, where do we find these type of players......obviously we should be recruiting in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney in the more expensive areas and away from the lower socio economics of Sydney's West., 

Finally I wonder what Trent Barratt says to his wife after coming home from a Parramatta guess is it goes something like " Christ, they said I was a dumb bastard" I'm not in the same league as these blokes!".......god knows how they ever got to a grand final last year?

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