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  • He was never going to not be sacked whilst chain wearing Castle was in charge.

    • Too many fornicators , alcoholics and homosexuals on this site. He would offend everyone

  • Either you agree with his views or not he's a devisive figure.

    We don't need devisiveness and someone who may have the lights pointed on us for bigoted views.

    We're all entitled to our opinions but when you're a public fugure, you have to be extra careful what you post.

    After all the recent NRL scandals with the plenty d*ckheads we have, I don't the NRL will "green light" any contract with any NRL club.

  • Welcome Izzy! Great signing 

  • Only for the rest of this year that all

    • Yeah maybe be has had his splurge and if offered an interim would pull his head in. Be extremely handy working with our back three. But we certainly don't need any divisiveness. 

  • I Don't think him and mannah would get along with them gay remarks he makes. 

    • Hillsong mob don't like homosexuals either. They might get on.

  • Would sign Izzy in a heartbeat!

  • Disgraceful decision by Rugby Australia!!  Must be taken to court if he is sacked! 

    Still, would be great to see Issy here!  Not to mention the TPA’s he’d be on.  Sign him now, and make him a centre.  Move Taka to bench/Utility.  Probably would still walk into to QLD Origin side.

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