Fight for Brown swings again as Eels fight back

So apparently, Peter O'Sullivan is the man that has been trying to pry Brown over with him for a long time. Start with the Warriors in 2020, now at the Dolphins. But apparently we remain favourites, with the competition having to offer in excess of $1 million. Just want all this to end so we know what they are doing and can move on to 2023.

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  • I want to have a good summer this year on the skis, with both brown and Moses re signing not a depressing one like last summer with mahoney and papa going. 😂😂

    let's hope bro, gutho Moses and brown are Parramatta. 

  • The brown situation is at least a month away from being resolved so no point worrying about it at this stage. Moses is the more important one, let's get that done then worry about brown. 

  • Rugby wars - The bush coach strikes back 

  • You'd get better info off your local " what's happening in " , Facebook group than you would from a bunch of nuffies writing these articles in their mums garage converted into a 1 bedder that mum built to give her adult son them adult freedom feelings. 

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