• Dirty redneck.

    Note: Mcguire plays for the Cows now, not the Broncos.

    Good on ya Fergo!

  • 3277194854?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • lol ... serve it up Fergo! Fair effort getting under the skin of the games biggest niggling grub ..


    A bit like ennis. Hell probably get a media gig post playing. Go figure. 

  • Josh McGuire is a filthy low life grub that needs to be literally stomped out of the game. Just waiting to see someone actually snot the maggot into a nice sleep.

  • When will someone iron this maggot out. You can do it legally

     Unlike this multi time offender.

    Fcuk I'll have a go. Tell ya what. We'll both end up in hospital.

  • Lol, what was round 1 haha


    what happend at the end of the game between them ?

  • What a load of fake crap. 

  • You need to fix it.

    The grub isn't at the brongirls anymore.

  • Fuck I hate josh McGuire 

This reply was deleted.

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