• There's another Fijian winger who used to play Rugby League playing for Bristol Bears who's pretty handy

    • This bloke has just been signed by Bristol too,to play wing outside Semi in centres .

      • Has anyone seen Semi play in the Centres ?

        I thought he played quite well when filling in at fullback during a game some years ago.

        • If we can't afford a major signing, how could we afford Semi?

          • Sorry Electric I wasn't putting his name forward as a replacement.

            I was more after a bit of feedback on Semi if he had been experimented in different positions.

            • He basically plays outside centre in Rugby, but defences aren't up to NRL standard

      • That is the problem with signing Fijians, eventually they all want to go back to Rugby

        • That's alright though Brett maximise them while we have them and if they leave go back to the vine trust me there's lots of them screaming out for an opportunity.

          • Fair enough, but it is heartbreaking to see these incredible athletes who should be destroying the NRL getting fat of soft English rugby club defences

  • I really don't understand why we aren't up in the islands checking out village 7s tournaments I can attest personally guys like this are running round in Fiji dime a dozen.

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