Effin Will Smith again

How shit is he, seriously now ????


the last time i watched him play we all agreeed he lost the game for us and now all he had to do was fall on Lafai. 

he is pathetic!!!!!!


and is it just me or matterson is an overgrown slow good for nothing overated player....


he did nothing!!!



give david Gower 600k a season 

he deserves it 

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  • Seriously Pauly?, given he's no Sterlo but if you want a blame game look at Takka.

    The 9's are a complete lottery with questionable referring. Enjoy the footys back and wait for round 1!

    • I agree


      takka lnocked the ball on twice every single game 

      absolute rubbish 

  • Relax, its a tiny tournament that means absolutely nothing. No one cares. The stadium is nearly empty. 

    Save your frustration for when the season starts. 

    • What you expect they playing in Perth no one follows NRL over there

      Yes take not a 9s man

      Smith he rubbish shit bad dumb shot him just sack him let him go

      • The NRL take the tournament to Perth because if it were hosted in Sydney the crowds would have been even worse. Doubt TV viewings would have been huge either despite Foxsports big marketing push. It a lame tournament and I don't know what its purpose is. 


  • He was goiing good tonight until Carls gushed all over his face a few hours back


    • Lol

      the error was the break before that - whoever the two tacklers who dropped off were. Should never have been allowed to get that close. Probably fatigue.

      • Stone and Stefano

  • The cowboys picked a team suited to the nines, we had a very good side but, more suited to a 13 a side game. They had speedster all over the park, mixed in with some power and experience.

  • I thought that Gutho was bog average actually.

    Yes, a great grubber for a try and a couple of try assists. He kicked the ball over the sideline on the full. He kicked the ball dead from a kick off. He missed a 1 on 1 for a try.

    Seriously, a great trainer, club man and versatile footy player he is, but a Tedesco he aint.

    Sivo was still in court. Moses played well.

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