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Eels vs Raiders 3, 2, 1

Great comeback win and very much a mirror of our season. Poor first half but fantastic second half. But more importantly it's the first tight one we've won all year. Definitely something to build on.

3. Moses

2. Mahoney

1. Ferguson

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  • Gower 



  • 3.Manu


    1. Mahoney

  • 3 Lane

    2 Evans

    1 Mahoney

  • Moses



  • 1. Moses

    2. Ferguson

    3.Paulo (just beating Evans)

  • Moses is a fantastic 5/8

    But he does not make good decisions- long way away from being dominant half

    • Agreed. He is still struggling with his kick selections. He needed to find touch a couple of times there in the final 5 minutes but found the winger. We won, but it's not good enough for NRL level. Harsh perhaps, but it is what it is.

      • Whenever we need to control the game he comes up with a poor 4th or 5th tackle option.

      • Question regarding his kick selection towards the end of the match. Was he aiming to put the ball into touch and he wasn't managing it? Or was he meaning to force the Raiders to work it out of a corner? A scrum gives you a set play and one-on-one defensive match-ups as well as allowing Canberra to recover. Keeping the ball in play forced the Raiders tiring forwards to keep working, they had to keep trying to get back behind the ball and our defence was doing a good job forcing them to kick inside their own half and give us a short field to work with. It also meant time kept moving. Given Moses drilled it into the corner multiple times I'm going to say he was doing it deliberately.

    • 100% agreed could not believe that pass he threw over the touch line after someone made that break. Absolute rush of blood and just a poor decision he has brown there now he doesn’t have to do it all on his own he should have thrown it to brown they were fucked for numbers on the left hand side 

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