Eels nines Player Ratings

Blake Ferguson.           8/10 ---- best winger in the game 

Brad Takairangi.            2/10----poor hands and very dumb

Clint Gutherson (c).       6/10-----started to kick on late

David Gower.                 8/10-----everytime he touched the ball he was dangerous 

George Jennings.          5/10----didnt see much but didn't do bad 

Haze Dunster.              7/10----better then Sivo

Jaeman Salmon.           6/10---- Was ok and light on hes feet

Junior Paulo                7/10----same old from paulo 

Maika Sivo.                 5.5/10----- did nothing other then run like a donkey 

Marata Niukore.          7/10----- acceleration & power loved every time he got the ball. Is going to be great for us coming off the bench in the future

Mitch Moses.            9/10----- player of the tournament 

Oregon Kaufusi.        5/10---- didnt see much

Ray Stone.               6/10----- was everywhere 

Rhys Davies.              4/10----- who ??

Ryan Matterson.        4/10----- he looked slower and bigger then paulo and offered nothing in terms of ball playing 

Shaun Lane.          5/10 ----- didn't do much, thought hed be great in one on one situations 

Stefano Utoikamanu.   5/10---- didnt do much

Will Smith             4/10------- pathetic


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  • Ohhh and Brad Arthur gets a 9/10


    i thought we had one of the best defences in the competition 

    very tactical and controlled game

    was let down by a few dumb players 

  • Take a chill pill mate!


  • I'm quite happy with the team and the result. 
    if I have to commment I would say that Salmon was really good. 
    I thought you OVER rated both Sivo and Gutho in your assessment. 
    Hopefully they will be better for the run. 

    • Hmm, ye I probably did... 

  • Past your bedtime Pauly.

  • Gutho 1 point for that 1 game he didn’t lose for us.

  • Players that I thought that put there hand up for round 1, is Salmon, and Stone for the bench utility spot.

    Taka was dreadful and will start in NSW cup

    H Dunster looks like a handy back up 


    1: C Gutherson

    2: B Ferguson 

    3: M Jennings 

    4: W Blake

    5: M Sivo

    6: D Brown

    7: M Moses

    8: Jr Paulo

    9: R Mahoney 

    10: R Campbell 

    11: S Lane

    12: R Matterson 

    13: N Brown


    14: J Salmon ( front runner for the utility)

    15: K Evans

    16: O Kaufusi 

    17: M Nuikore 

    18: D Alvaro 

    • If Waqa Blake isn't fit for round 1 you can take it to the bank that Taka will start at right centre.

      • Fcuk off. Mr seven mistakes and worst player.


        • Guaranteed

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