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Some of our players stood big today.









Good Game








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  • Lane did a hell of alot defence work. Did you watch the game? 

  • Ice wasn't his normal self today looked a little nervous. Hasn't played finals footy before I believe. I am so excited having Penisini this kid could become unbelievable for us, cannot wait to see his growth

    • Good point about Ice he might’ve felt his first finals game pressure and all the media on him (which is well deserved) and he is one of the faces of the finals too. So glad he is ours! 

      Penisini is a star!

  • I though it was Papalis worst game of the season. He seemed injured maybe why he started on the bench.

    • He did run for more meters than any other player, so can't have been too bad?

  • RCG is the animal our pack needs.  He is absolutely dominant!

  • Lane has been going fine.  I just wish he would stop dropping that ball the Dylbo drops to him off his hip!

  • Lane was better than papa tonight fergo stood up

    • He was. Because Papa is not a middle. Put him back on the edge and Lane in the middle.

      • 100 percent agree.  That is what works best for the team!

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