Hi everyone

  • I got my tickets and member pack today, and for a guy who has been a member since 1986, and a platinum member, the stuff sent put is pretty crappy tbh. Very tinny. All will be binned. No scarf, even though I have a few, and the cap is disappointing to look at, and in the sense that yoi either pick it up at a game or pay $10 to have ot mailed out. Not great Parra, given I did not ask for a refund on my money last year. Think you could have done better than that.

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  • Parrapete, Yes I have to agree.

  • Thank you for renewing your membership


  • I thought it was a little disappointing, particularly the keyring. Cheap plastic, not at all near the standard they have been for close to a decade. I thoroughly dislike the club asking people to pay to ship their hats, particularly during COVID where many members may not go to games this year. The hat itself is poorly designed. I did however like the magnetised bottle opener that sits on my fridge now.

    I think they're not doing scarves or anything as membership inclusions as a way to keep prices the same as last year. They are available to purchase.

    • Agree. And I reckon the Parra hat should ALWAYS have the emblem on it - it's sacred. I like the bottle opener too.

      I think all this should be put down to the club probs trying to save a quid after what would have been, and continues to be, an absolute shit of a time revenue wise. As supporters I spose it's best just to take it on the chin, be understanding of the circumstances, and look forward to a return to form in the future when this c#nt of a virus has been beaten.

      I believe those of us that paid full freight last year can expect a special shirt in a couple of months. The club told me it's coming from our new clothing supplier (whose name escapes me) and should be sent out around march - that's a nice touch.

      • You are right Kram. It is part of the thank you we got for not askinjg for a refund. It is a training shirt which I think will have your name on it.

      • Yeh members who maintained their membership last year are receiving a free training shirt from Macron.

      • Hi Kram, the hat is my issue. It's poor and looks avg, as if kids will recognise the PE as parramatta. It's a wrong marketing ploy and poor in my view. 

        I do not want anything extra besides a hat, they could save some $$$ on the key ring etc. Just give me a Parra hat!! 

        • I don't mind the hat. I agree it should have the team logo, but I can live with it. The other stuff is rubbish though.

  • Obviously the tickets are my main interest

    But the pack itself is just the worst I've seen

  • The cap post/ pick-up situation is nonsense. 
    I have 6 memberships. 4 ticketed, (2 adults, 2 kids). And 2 non-ticketed (both kids). 
    The club sent all the merch in one big bag addressed to my young Nephew (not me who pays for all of it). 
    The bag included 4 caps. So the kids got their hats posted. 
    However for the 2 x adult ticketed members I have to go and pick them up or pay $20 to get them posted. 
    Considering that I basically donated over $1000 in membership last year, having a policy of not posting the cap is a really poor one. Not to mention irrational considering the club just posted 4 caps to me anyway. The members deserve better. 

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