Eels in hunt for Wallaby Fullback

The Eels have been strongly linked to Wallaby fullback Max Jorgensen  If successful Max would play fullback and Gutho would move to the centres

A long time Eels official stated Jorgensen could be as succcessful as Ken Thornett who the eels also pinched from rugby

 Here's hoping

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  • Won't happen, Eels will mull over this all year, allow Fox media to rubbish our lack of action and then chooks will sign him as soon as they have a space in the 30 man squad.

    or Dogs will sign him and deal with the cap later. 

  • I can't see him leaving rugby. Has the world at his feet there.

  • Ken Thornett most certainly had a relationship with Rugby with his two brothers Rugby Internationals and Ken played for Randwick and then went to England and played Rugby League for Leeds. The Eels weren't even known as the Eels in those days and the only pinching was on girls arses (it was legal then). 

    The long time Eels official is either pulling your leg or like most people past 70 the memories become a fading light. More than likely the long time official has been in our marketing dept for 3 years (thats a long time for those guys) and read about Ken Thornett in an old Superman comic when they were looking for a replacement for Batman.

    Fcuking Millienials, you will do any thing for attention!


  • Papenhuyzen should be our target, the overtures should have been accelerated this week with Faalogo signing a five year contract . Papenhuyzen's value will only go up as the season progresses 

    • This!!!

      • That!!!


        • No no no, would be better off getting Samuel L Jackson as Mr Glass.

          • lol ... 😂 wouldn't put it past the club, we did sign Josh Hodgson. 

  • No chance getting Jorgensen as roosters are interested.  If after a wallaby Vunivalu would have been better target but think he resigned recently.  Marika Koroibete could be an option as we need a winger not a fullback.

    Leave Gutho at fullback as he offers a lot in defence.  If we find someone with bit of speed and skill in attack let them play centre in defence then switch up with Gutho in attack at different times during games.


    Meanwhile another Fijian outside speedster shows his wares.I mean what are we looking at here.Theres a conveyor belt full of big fast speedsters waiting to be plucked.

    Heres us looking at an Aussie kid that lots are looking at and seemingly aren't interested in the above mentioned.I get physically ill saying the samething and wonder why at least we arent inquiring in guys like the above in this clip.

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