Eels in hunt for Wallaby Fullback

The Eels have been strongly linked to Wallaby fullback Max Jorgensen  If successful Max would play fullback and Gutho would move to the centres

A long time Eels official stated Jorgensen could be as succcessful as Ken Thornett who the eels also pinched from rugby

 Here's hoping

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    • Yes we have heard it plenty of times Coryn, and I look forward to when you coach a NRL team with all your wisdom.  There are plenty of smart minds in footy like Bellamy, Bennet etc who are obviously too dumb to see what you see.

      Why isn't Fiji unbeatable if being big, fast speedsters are all you need to succeed.

      Looking at Sivo he came over and lived with another family learning league at Gundagai Tigers before joing Penrith juniors.  He stuck it out but many Islanders are too family orientated to leave home.

      The recent expansion in Rugby with Fiji teams is a bit different as there are large groups together supporting each other away from extended family.

      It isn't just about speed and skill there needs to be commitment and training ethic which many from places like Fiji struggle with growing up in different environment to structure of kids in Australia.  If you give them leeway in training for their attitude others want the same leeway and then the whole team suffers.

      • Does it look like these guys have any struggles with training.

        Homesickness is real but that's no different when your hunting NZ kids and bringing them over.

        I don't care what other coaches are or aren't doing the whole point of my premise here is the last few times we've done it we found Semi Radradra you remember him the most damaging ball runner in the game and we found a Maika Sivo a try scoring machine.

        The whole point is if you aren't looking it's an opportunity lost you know why wouldn't you look if there is an opportunity which there is to find the next Semi Radradra.You see any of these your wingers or outside backs impacting games winning games affecting results like Semi.

        Meanwhile here we are in a que looking at a Max Jorgensen who apparently many others are looking at aswell.Yes this makes perfect sense.

        Meanwhile in Fiji the conveyor belt continues belting out big fast skilled outside backs which this club is desperate for like NOW.


        • Penrith found Sivo. We poached him from them.

  • Got to admire the poor Roosters, their current 1 to 5 backline would cost 50% of the salary cap at any other club. Then someone that was "obviously" playing for unders, leaves for a short rugby stint.. That will free up millions and he will come back and play for peanuts again, they are so lucky.


    • Apparently they blew the Knights out of the water with the package the could offer Dom Young.

      • That can't be true as it is regularly reported that players sign for less to play for the roosters, that is until their last contracted year when media report the inflated value which they will save to buy them a new superstar.

      • No surprises there it's why if you can't compete with what they have we have to look outside the square in other places where they aren't looking.Outside of that it's obvious they can circumvent the rules better than everyone else without getting caught.

  • Wake me up when we finally sign someone of note will ya?

    • Enjoy the nap Frank. "We're a development club" =  we're not buying anyone unless you find them in the bargain bin 

      • If that bargain bin starts with a F and ends in an I get over and get looking.

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