Eels hunt the Fox

Josh addo-carr to the parramatta eels?

The Parramatta eels will be watching the grand final carefully as they are set to make a huge play for josh Addo-Carr what makes this more interesting is gutho moving to centre and josh addo-carr wanting fullback it all makes sense now that storm bought eels George jennings.


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      • colin, let me ask you this, if you were buying a car, would you pay for one that is broken down, needing repair, plus pay all associated costs, knowing you will not be able to drive it for an unspecified amount of time that could end up being a year or more? because that is what you are advocating with Staggs imo.

        We have a bad habit of buying broken players and paying full fare until they are fixed in the hope they will perform.

        To me this is not good busness practice.

        • We haven't done that since Watmough and Foran.....learn to forgiveand forget!

          • Waqa Blake you Demented Old Man.

            • He can't tackle, nothing to do with being broken down, beside that was a knowledgble ploy......Staggs is worth the risk, without the injury you wouldn't get him.

              It's like buying you in a wheelchair, at least we know we will get a pair of shoes, wardrobe, lifetime membership of Air Sea Rescue, Tickets in the Chook raffle at Redcliffe and a date with Brissyeel. I'll pay the TPA for that one!

              • He was busted when we bought him and sat on the sideline for ages before making his Debutante Ball appearance.

                Look what we got - you said it yourself - can't tackle and has NFI how to read D.

                Waka was good at the Pennies but has not done JAC shit since getting here.

                Who is to say Staggs will come back as good as (Blue N) Gold?

                BTW-  met brissy running the meat tray raffle, took me money and laughed when I didn't win - bastard.

                • LOL.....we knew we bought him busted.....why do you think we got him so cheap..... Staggs is a different class....will be a superstar, once he learns to walk again

                  • YEAH? Well he ain't getting my wheelchair.

                    OH - brain explosion, give him my wheelchair with my missus driving it and he will be a world beater, or die from a heart attack the first time she runs him onto the paddock.

                    Just make sure he comes with fully paid up insurance.

              • And!!!! most on this site were downplaying RCG as a nothing forward and scared of getting tackled, we were dumb to sign him, along with a hundred or more reasons why he was a dud bum.

        • Seems that every time a player that is mentioned and was a good look to come to the eels, and said player gets injured in last game or near that in the year, now we have the nay sayers in action owing to a wanted player who has talent and still quite young turning 21 in October this year and suspected of having an ACL tear, therefore he's a gonna and will not make the grade in the NRL.

          What I understand is that he has had surgery already, meaning he's likely to have around 6 months out of the game, but he wont be any good for the eels though as he wont recover. Last season we were very much in the box seat to sign Christian Welch for same injury, as the eels were scared of the same thing as you are mentioning Mushy, we dropped out and Welch has come back stronger than last year and has resigned with the storm for 2 more years. An article in one of the RL news outlets has Welch saying he was coming to the eels until the injury occured, he had written a farewell note to his team mates saying he was joining the eels in 2020, would have been a top pick up I would think.

          Staggs may stay at the horses next year but he and his manager can talk to clubs in 10 days time for him to play with another club in 2022, and he can stay where he is at horses until a new contract comes into place. 

          Mushy I believe we have signed worse players under worse circumstances/situations than we confront with Staggs.  I doubt the Horses will change their minds in wanting him out, and that could help Staggs and the eels in signing him once cleared to play, the horses may even chip in a good amount of his contract coin as well.  Next year according to the eels webb site and members news article our two reserve teams will be in action next year so a good opportunity to get the player back playing and get the injury fixed up under match conditions that are not as demanding as the NRL.

          Member Update: 2020 Review and looking towards 2021
          Following the conclusion of the season we wanted to provide you with a brief review of our 2020 season and a Club update with a look towards 2021.
          • And that is exactly what I originally said colin - let's see how he goes *NEXT YEAR*sigh* before jumping the gun.

            Perhaps we could put a decent offer to him, dependent on fitness.

            All you guys are saying BUY HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!! without knowing what the end result could be.

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