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Josh addo-carr to the parramatta eels?

The Parramatta eels will be watching the grand final carefully as they are set to make a huge play for josh Addo-Carr what makes this more interesting is gutho moving to centre and josh addo-carr wanting fullback it all makes sense now that storm bought eels George jennings.


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        • Brown does have a kicking game he just doesn't get to utilise and develop it enough because moses is the primary kicker.

          Moving Brown to half back is the key to us breaking our drought,  I would switch roles with him and moses next season with a long term view of making gutho our 6 in 2022 paired up with Brown in the 7 and moses moved on.

          • You had me until the ORF SEEZUN MADNESS comment of taking Gutho away from FB.


            • But but but not until 2022 col, hear me out, the game is getting faster again and pure speed around the ruck will be very important and gutho isn't quite quick enough to take full advantage like a papenhausen (f#cked if I can spell it) or duffty and the like plus gutho is the type of player that parra needs to get his hands on the ball more.

          • That's baby and the bathwater stuff HKF.....Moses was out for enough games for Dyllan to show his wares.....don't think you will get this Simple Simon to give you the penny!

            • Brown controlled the game quite well when moses was out, we were winning,  in fact we didn't start losing until Brown was out and moses was left to run the team. Whilst I admit he still has a lot of improvement left in him he will only get that if he is given the opportunity and imo that should start next season with Brown being the dominant half and moses playing to his strengths.  As for gutho, I am quite happy for him to remain at fullback at least for another season,  maybe two but imo he needs to switch to 5/8 to go to that next level.

              • YEP Poppa - listen to HKF, he is on the right track.

                I can also concede his point about speed, but NOT for 2021.

                Dylan and Gutho did a fantastic job when Moses was off parting the seas, and we did go backwards (rapidly) on Moses' return.

                If you don't have a go you will never know.

                Moses might in fact improve if he does not have the pressure of running the team, I am seeing a lot of Corey Norman traits in him by not being able to think about running the team and playing his game at the same time.

                I am sure Carlo and macy will back me up on the inability of men to think about more than one thing at a time.

          • I'd just run the attack through Brown inside the 20.

            Experiement with him being the primary ias above just use Moses as a kicking option and a run option inside that zone.

            All it means is Browns the 1st receiver and plays the middle third playing both sides.

            • Yes and let moses chime in with the big play occasionally like Lui at Penrith. 

  • Gutho is NOT going to the centres. No chance in hell. 

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