Eels finish season 3rd - best result since 2005

Yes the finals now begin and the slate is wiped clean, and whilst the boys can't look backwards yet there is something worth celebrating as fans.

Not since 2005 (15 years!) have we finished higher on the table. And 2018 aside we've now gone 5th, 4th and 3rd.

This site may have a very vocal minority who for some reason come to an Eels supporter site solely to trash talk the Eels, but I am proud. We are building something. We have a young spine and some massive forwards who have taken us to 3rd.

Are we the best we can be? God no. We have a long way to go. But boy am I proud for what we've done so far this season. Well done Parra!

Now let's bring on the finals and keep that experience growing. We've earned our Top 4 spot, and sure we'll be underdogs to the Storm and rightfully so - but let's give this a red hot go.

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  • I saw plenty in that 1st half in attack that had me excited moving the ball like we did.

    • Agreed, there were more good signs again tonight. Heading in the right direction still.

      • Dope

  • Great we made the top four.  That is a success alone, but based on tonight and the past 8 weeks, we are not even a remote chance in heck of a premiership.  Keep the dream alive!

    • I agree we don't look as likely to win the premiership as the Storm or the Panthers. That's why we came 3rd and not 1st.

      Still better that those years we just used to hope we didn't come last.

      And we're trending up with a spine set to stay together for years to come. Sure, I'd love a premiership, but even if we don't win it this season it's still been way more fun to support the Eels when we finish 3rd as opposed to 16th.

      And remember, the Eels play best when everyone writes us off. We hate being favourites. 

      • I like your attitude, Captain. The team does deserve to be congratulated  for where we've finished in the regular season and who would have been dissatisfied at the start of the season to be 3rd going into the finals? We're very thin on representative players and we have one of the youngest spines in the comp. So BA has done pretty well with the squad we have even though he has a few flaws in his coaching. 

        You're also correct about our record as favourites but we won't have to worry about that again this season. 

    • The dream has evaporated.

  • Well said

  • Parra are a 9th placed team pretending to be a top 4 side

    • You must be on the wrong site

This reply was deleted.

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