Eels Chase Tiger Reynolds - FB rumour

I’m hearing the Parramatta Eels have held internal talks to sign former New South Wales Blues five-eighth Josh Reynolds. The Eels believe his energy & enthusiasm could really benefit the club.
The 30-year-old is currently contracted with the Wests Tigers for a further two seasons. His salary is believed to be around $800K per year. The Eels are only interested in paying around $300-$400K of that, with the Tigers left to pay the rest.
The Tigers have recently told Reynolds he is free to negotiate with rival clubs as veteran star Benji Marshall looks set to play on in 2020.
Personally, I don’t think the Eels are the right fit for Reynolds. Undoubtedly, the club will have the funds to secure Reynolds if they choose, but his signing will greatly affect the development of 19-year-old sensation Dylan Brown.
The Warriors have previously shown interest in signing Brown for big money. The signing of Josh Reynolds would benefit the club short-term however, the long-term effects could be costly.

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  • The club can get fukd if they sign this bum

  • No substance to this whatsoever.

    1) Our  halves for the future are Moses and DBrown. Salmon is their back up.

    2) Reynolds wants to play 1st grade. Not NSW Cup

    3) Whatever cap space we have left will go to the forwards were we are weak.

    • You need to think laterally Hilly, that number 1 above answers all the questions as to why we need him......Salmon is not good enough and offers nothing in comparison.

      • Fine but I want change back from 300K.


        • Would not think you would see any Hilly,  400k would be fair....beggars cannot be choosers and it would not be easy picking up a player with his experience any cheaper than that.

          • 400k is what he is worth. If the tigers are paying 800k it would be all bullshit with 200k in TPA.

            I can bet anyone on this forum he is not on the cap for more that 550k. If I am right the tigers would let him go for for 200-250k. If the EELS need some experience for 2 years at 200k then we would be silly not to get him at almost min contract.

  • He's an effort player, someone who can instill energy into those around him, which is something we need. A bit of leadership too which we also badly lack. There would be some merit to us signing him on a 1 year deal. Don't know where he'd play though.

    • That’s what I was thinking as well. His mongral attitude would do some of our players good.

  • I tthink he could revolutionise the number 14 spot....offer it as a fulltime position, gives coverage across the park, energy to the hooker and essential top class repacement if anything happens to one of our halves.

    A good example this year would have been Dylan Brown's injury and having a class replacement and taking in turn the pressure of Moses who literally had to manage nearly every play.

    Some people may think he is a grub but how many thought the same when Ferguson came, our record with reformed players is pretty good and he wasn't on 800k for nothing...if we score him for 400k we are laughing and will have the best utility going around!

    We are a development club and you need players with this experience to bring young players on. He is a motivational leader as well.....doesn't need the "C" to be that either.

    PS Be honest with him and tell him what we are doing....revolutionising the 14 ...he will have it as a permanent spot, unless he is needed in a run on position owing to injury.

    • Absolutely nailed it Poppa.

      Reynolds would be the perfect #14 for the Parramatta NRL side. I reckon you could add another element to his value too Poppa. He chases like Hindy and is a tough player. Reynolds covers most positions in the backline, and hooker, he is also a great clubman . I would pay upto $500K for him and be thankful that Tigers cover the rest. 

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