Parramatta Leagues Club candidate Dennis Fitzgerald is a Director of competing club The Epping Club.

Fitzgerald has told the Sydney Morning Herald he believes he has plenty to offer PLC, however it seems a conflict of interest if he is a director of one of the club's direct competitors.

The Epping Club is a mere 20 minutes away and directly competes with Parramatta for patronage which has a direct impact on club finances.

Fitzgerald has not addressed the perceived conflict either in his interview with the SMH or in his candidate statement for the Parramatta Leagues Club elections.

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  • Hey Super, why start another blog when you've already contributed to the one started by another member.

    How about closing this one and let the members express their opinions on the one thread.  

    • Because this is separate news

      • It's still the same story.

        I've seen you shut down similar type blogs in the past .

        Ah the hypocracy!

        • I understand why Super has made it an issue and if I felt strongly about it, I would too.

          Media has great power, even this media.

          You have Super in the role of the Editor and he is entitled to an editorial. Maybe you should set it up that way Super so that it is not just your view but a relevant fact of information on something that members will be voting on.

          The other side of this should be equally an opportunity to defend Fitzgerald....essentially Fong did this on his post on the other blog. i'm not sure Fitzy has many friends in this process as even Fong was guarded somewhat.

          Use your power wisely Super, many dictators have emerged from such modest beginnings.

          I will also say this about the current moderating. Through no fault of their own both Bem and Monts have been called on much more than should be required (note neither of them were even aware of what I posted, I was just unlucky enough to have Super on the site on that day). I would have removed it overnight and no one would have been the wiser. Ah! the lessons to be learnt, even by the aged!

          That said those "two rabbits"  that were suspended were accidents waiting to happen but we don't want to become over managed and call "wolf" everytime someone gets into a discussion they become uncomfortable with. The key is that "new" members (names) should be monitored and warned very quickly because no one who is not a "plant" comes on and starts ranting straight away.

          Now to put it on another slant Super......we are being attacked by right, left and centre.....that's fine but our basic freedomis are being denied with the emergence of "WOKE" and "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS".

          True leadership will be if you can show impartiality against this disease Super as I suspect your natural instincts are to be sympathetic to same i.e Iam sure you don't want your wife referred to as the gestational parent of your child or you be refered to as the non birthing partner of the gestational parent.

          Likewise we do not want our history being changed to deliberately show we are in reverance to our current "woke" mania.




  • How did he get approved to run for this election with such a glaring conflict of interest. Surely this disqualifies him automatically?

    • Exactly Mutty, how was his candiacy approved under these conditions?

      Image result for stench of fish

    • Yeh I was surprised when I read through his candidate statement and it said he was still at the Epping Club. You'd think a standard part of eligibility was not holding a role at a competitor.

      • Holding two directorships yes, holding one whilst campaigning for another, not so much

    • I would assume he has given an undertaking to resign his Epping Club directorship should he be successful in winning election to the PLC board. 

      • Shouldn't that be public? We shouldn't be expected to vote on a candidate on the assumption that they may or may not resign from a competing entity.

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