Dyls Media Warm Ups

just watched his second beat box warm up 
How funny, confident and charismatic is this kid 

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    • Hey Mick, I saw it on the #parraeels Instagram feed, I can't see it on the club website

      • stop stealing my material 

        eye roll 

        • please explain 

          • I referred to it earlier in a blog you either read it or we have a psychic connection and I don’t think it’s the latter :-)

            • ohhhh.....yep psycho connectio perhaps.....you beat boxin' much these days Carlo?

              • Def psycho 

                nope anything that remotely belongs in the hood doesn’t belong in my hood !!!!

                • I'm quite fond of a bearded hood.

                  • As soon as I pressed reply I knew it ....

This reply was deleted.

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