Dylan Brown‘s management meets with dolphins

AF47F16D-AC7E-4492-92AB-EE3597A1E1E0.pngApparently Dylan Brown management has met with the Dolphins. They are prepared to pay 1 million minimum. There is also rumours on Social media suggestioning  Parramatta have to choose Mitchell Moses or Dylan Brown?. I for the love of god cannot understand this and where has all our money gone? Losing all the players last year surely meant we have enough to offer brown and Moses what they are happy with. Have we got something to be worried about or is the media just blowing smoke l? 

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        • If what Scott is saying carries any weight, the Eels management need to sign him up ASAP. 

      • Dreggsie you probably haven't got past negotiating with your mother over lunch money.

        The way the big boys play is they make a bid, Parra will have situation of saying, how about  x dollars, they will then settle down and come up with an offer......ie. Brown's management is at say 950 and that's their bid, it would seem they are most amendable to a deal if that is their starting point.

        For you to assume anything is way beyond your station in life.....and who ever is telling you that is very unlikely to be in a position of leaking to a moron like you. Why would anyone that really knows, leak something that even his management may not be sure of? 

        I remember being in a position once where my wife was the last to know I had accepted an offer somewhere else.

        • I'm just going to a little research, find your IP address, dig a little deeper, then I'll pay you a visit, should I bring coffee? A couple of OxyContin? Flowers for the old girl? 
          Let me know and I'll arrange a visit. 

          If you like, you can have the whole family too, your sons, grandsons, especially. 

          • You make a bold statement, but it lacks depth. I think the sports media have more sources then you Scott.

            If DB,s management made that offer, every sports media outlet would have it up in neon lights.

            So let's stick to facts not guesses.

      • I'd be pretty shocked if his teams asking for a 5 year deal , especially for under a million. That'd tell me they don't have much expectations for him to improve. Doesn't make sense if you're expecting your bloke to be one of the best halves in the comp in the very near future which could propel you into the 1.3's -1.4's. 

        • I personally think he's given the eels abit of leeway here, he might know that he won't get the 1.2-1.4 million at parramatta, 

          Either way, I'm just about on the money with this though. Same with Jakob Arthur's contract. 
          Now chiefly wants to say he's on 280k a season lmao. 

          • He will be on 500k next year with a massively backended contract no doubt , the way he's salary inflates around here year on year.  I wish mine went up at the same rate as JAs . His goes up every few weeks even when he's on contract . 

        • That's the thing with this deal if his career ascends the money will be there.Parra are paying just under desperation money the rest of the nrl will want to pay to get him to move.

      • Seriously dreggs why would anyone listen to you 😒 

      • Sign him up, especially for 5 years.

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