Dylan Brown‘s management meets with dolphins

AF47F16D-AC7E-4492-92AB-EE3597A1E1E0.pngApparently Dylan Brown management has met with the Dolphins. They are prepared to pay 1 million minimum. There is also rumours on Social media suggestioning  Parramatta have to choose Mitchell Moses or Dylan Brown?. I for the love of god cannot understand this and where has all our money gone? Losing all the players last year surely meant we have enough to offer brown and Moses what they are happy with. Have we got something to be worried about or is the media just blowing smoke l? 

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  • Media speculation for clicks and likes . However ,  If we have to pay a million then see ya champ. 

    I agree though , we should be able to afford both even if they were a million each. Probably wasn't the smartest move competing with them over Matterson as we've really got zero from him until contract time and then we go in with both barells like hes Taumololololololololololololo superstar like. 

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      • Not sure what Parramatta are baulking at? He'll easily get $950k p/a at another club.

        So now that DB is commanding that kind of money on the market, we're telling him he's not worth it? We've been paying him pretty close to that anyway in order to retain him for the last few years.

        I hope we have a genuine alternative if we're letting him walk over a minor difference in value. I doubt we do.

        • Is it Dreggs saying he's not worth it or have the club openly come out and said he's not worth that and aren't willing to pay that.All I've seen is that the clubs prepared to sign DB long term with amounts not mentioned.

          The only mention is the DOLPHINS are willing to splash 7 figures per season starting 24.

          • Very true. Also, the Dolphins offering $1m per season but no mention of the length of the contract. 

          • Acme and you are on the right track Coryn. Go back to my comment to Dreggsie, a fool on this site who has spent more time under suspension then any known member, an out and out troll and he believe's he knows. The guys that told him this shit are probably still snickering behind his back.

            Anyone can play this game of guess work and bullshit and still get it right, but not necessarily for the right reasons. 

            My guess is Parra is as scared to lose him/them because of where it will leave the team and the club as a result. If you think they are too stupid not to realise that, then you may as well get into bed with Dreggsie and have a wank with him.

        • Fear not. We have Jacob Arthur 

          • We do actually, that would be the exact thought process of the club if Brown leaves or is near leaving.

      • 5 year 4.75 million if you roll DBs 700 odd into that new deal it becomes 6 yrs 5.45 mill at 900 and change a season in a rising cap era.

        For me that's about the right money per season we want to be paying.If we do it this way DB gets a healthy raise this year and then that levels out the cap hits going foward.It's how I'd try and negotiate it.

        • If what Scott is saying carries any weight, the Eels management need to sign him up ASAP. 

      • Dreggsie you probably haven't got past negotiating with your mother over lunch money.

        The way the big boys play is they make a bid, Parra will have situation of saying, how about  x dollars, they will then settle down and come up with an offer......ie. Brown's management is at say 950 and that's their bid, it would seem they are most amendable to a deal if that is their starting point.

        For you to assume anything is way beyond your station in life.....and who ever is telling you that is very unlikely to be in a position of leaking to a moron like you. Why would anyone that really knows, leak something that even his management may not be sure of? 

        I remember being in a position once where my wife was the last to know I had accepted an offer somewhere else.

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