• Thanks Rowdy lol, why'd you stop? wasnt working?

                  • It's a prayer chain, kinda like tag team smackdown !!!

                    Its bloody exhausting praying for you, lol !!!!

                    • Amen to that brother Brett!

                      Snake, maybe I was tagged by Brett and relieved of the burden mate? Jeseus loves'ya mate and so do we.

                      I'm sure if you need the additional prayer in the future I'll be seconded back onto the team.

                    • Thanks lads, on a serious note i know prayer means a lot to you guys so i genuinely appreciate your sentiments.

                    • 3765922479?profile=RESIZE_710x

                    • You been stalking me Cosmo ?

            • Lol what about that Benny Hinn bloke.

              • He was hilarous, that guy. When he used to tap that old bald bloke on the head I couldn't help but laugh.

                • That was his cousin Benny Hill. Different bloke mate.

                  • Nah, pretty sure he's the guy...


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