• Hopefully not Goey Johns

    • Lol that would be depressing but possible! Lol

  • Mate

    i don't feel sorry for them one bit .  They have privileged lives that 95% of us on here would dream about .  They get incredible money  ( more than brain surgeons saving peoples lives ) .  They have access to financial advisors , brokers , the lot .  No excuse not to be wealthy men long after they retire .  To go down the path of drug supply is greed .  They only show remorse when they get caught and realise they are going to lose every asset they have purchased with the proceeds .  Anyway - whoever it turns out to be will never be looked at by the public in the same light again .  

    one word - choices . 

    • Spot on!

    • Agree. No sympathy whatsoever!

  • Probably a kiwi player, which narrows it down a bit.


    High-profile sport star pleads not-guilty to meth supply charge
    The man appeared alongside another man.
    • The hint is in the court name

      • Donny District?

        Nah nah, Margaret Court! I bloody knew it...

        • Intials ae MV

          • Definitely not Michael Vella 

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