• Here we have a solid player who can play multiple positions and has proven he can run like lightning , amd our R&R team can't even convince him he's better off with us than a cellar dweller team. Tell us we are cap bankrupt without telling us we are cap bankrupt. If only we'd saved a few hundred thousand on our marquee players contracts by not trying to match rubbish teams offers. 

    • We don't know how that conversation with Treacy went, so you're just speculating Wiz. Maybe his dream is to own a pub after football and the dogs can get him there LOL....

    • We have Sivo, Sivo, Sivo 

    • I thought this Cameron Ciaraldo is supposed to be a super coach of the future? Gus running around recruiting everyone. What's the point of paying big bucks for a coach, if he isn't there to develop and improve the players he's got! 

      At least Craig Bellamy is a REAL coach that actually identifies young talents and develops them into superstars. 

      • This is how bad a state they are in.

        Development persay they've had nothing in there pathways for the last 5 years at least.

        Gus by doing what he's doing is buying his pathways some time by going out and buying what he is.The market isn't all there for what he needs though.His foward pack is under done they still don't have a recognised 7.Ciraldo can't do much with not much there.

  • The Dogs have Crichton, Kikau, Burton all above $800-900 K.

    Mahoney apparently $700 plus

    How do they just keep signing players.

    And Parra sign Matt Arthur and a few Neville Nobodies.

    WTF ?

    • We are in an infinitely better place than the Dogs. 

      They have spent all their money in all the wrong places and lost multiple juniors who will go on to be stars elsewhere. 

      They are a very good chance to finish dead last.

    • Well Parra have Moses on 1.25 mill per DB on 850 plus per RCG on 800 plus per Gutho on 850 Jnr on a rumoured 900 per.We are also doing it all on the cap aswell so I mean this is the not talked about advantage some clubs have over others.

    • The Dogs roster is extremely unbalanced. They need middle forwards, yet will have Kurt Mann and Jaeman Salmon on the bench to play some middle and be utilities. 

      They still do not have a 7 and seems they are going with Taaffe and Sexton as their halves in Round 1, moving Crichton and Burton to Centre. So roughly $1.5mil at Centre, that is a lot. Imbalanced. They sign Crichton and change their mind on what to do with him, sign Taaffe to play Utility or Fullback now he is playing Five-Eighth. They have no idea what they are doing with their squad. Very much a "Sign them now, decide where to put them later". That is not how you build a roster.

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