Does Mannah Deserve A Final Farewell in 1st Grade?

I’ve always said ‘No one deserves nothing unless it’s been earn’t’, and if Parra was flying and winning games I’d say sorry Tim, BUT we aren’t and there are a few players I’d happily replace for Tim. 

I think he’s earnt the right to play his final game in 1st at home in front of his home crowd. I think he deserves it!!

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  • Yes he does but not on the field, few quite beers at wenty rsl

    • Tim’s playing better than most in first grade, I wonder what’s happened (I’m sure I know) to have the club captain embarrassed like this from BA. No respect shown from BA.

      • Totally disagree, its not a charity Baz, its about winning.

        And hes not playing better than anybody, hes a complete myth.


        • So he’s not playing better than Alvaro? Completely disagree snake.

          Played great today 80mins scored a try and saved a try, what has Alvaro done lately?

        • Wrong again Snake.

  • Yeah not like we gonna win anyway, he is a decent bloke so give him the respect of a farewell.

  • No, he was happy to walk away from the club when told he was dropped instead of taking it like a man and fighting his way back, very poor form, very entitled..

    Hes on the nose at the club and rightly so, wont be getting a send off and doesnt deserve one.


    • I agree he’s on the nose, the question is why? It’s got nothing to do with being dropped, cause it wasn’t the first time he was rested or dropped.

      • Is he on the nose cause of others being "on the nose"??

    • At least you’ve been consistent Snake, can’t knock you for that. Called it years ago

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