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Dissecting the Engine room!

Okay guys we are 5 rounds in and let's look at how our forwards are competing against each other, I will separate middle forwards and Edge forwards and divide in to offense and defence.

MIDDLE FORWARDS - RUNS (meters per carry)

1st place - Tim Mannah 10.39 mpc

2nd place - Suaia Matagi 9.23 mpc

3rd place - Peni Terepo 9.1 mpc

4th place - Tepai Moeroa 8.58 mpc

5th place - Kane Evans 8.3 mpc

6th place - Nathan Brown 8.17 mpc

7th place - Daniel Alvaro 7.08 mpc

MIDDLE FORWARDS - TACKLES (tackles per minute on field)

1st place - Daniel Alvaro - 0.76 tpm 

2nd place - Suaia Matagi - 0.66 tpm 

3rd place - Kane Evans - 0.62 tpm

4th place - Tim Mannah - 0.55 tpm

5th place - Peni Terepo - 0.54 tpm

6th place - Tepai Moeroa - 0.52 tpm

7th place - Nathan Brown - 0.46 tpm 

EDGE FORWARDS - RUNS (meters per carry)

1st place - Tony Williams - 10 mpc

2nd place - Beau Scott - 9 mpc

3rd place - Kenny Edwards - 8.7 mpc

4th place - Brad Takairangi - 8.46 mpc

5th place - Manu Mau - 8.24 mpc

EDGE FORWARDS - TACKLES (tackles per minute on field)

1st place - Beau Scott - 0.56 tpm

2nd place - Ken Edwards - 0.39 tpm

3rd place - Manu Mau - 0.32 tpm

4th place - Brad Takairangi - 0.31 tpm

5th place - Tony Williams - 0.22 tpm 


1st place Kaysa Pritchard - 8 mpc

2nd place Cameron King - 6.2 mpc

1st place Cameron King - 0.54 tpm

2nd place Kaysa Pritchard - 0.50 tpm 

Stats don't paint the whole picture but you can see who works the hardest in defence and who is a more effective carrier. you could make a case for both Nathan Brown and Daniel Alvaro to take less runs and that guys like Beau Scott and Kenny Edwards are still effective if they can clean up their discipline.

Nathan Brown is the only one worth mentioning with offloads, he averages 2 per game. Also time on the field is factor, but you can only judge a player on the opportunities they are given.

I truly believe most our problems stem from losing the middle third battle, we have our issues on the edges to but the middle magnifies them.

The most immediate fix is to move Nathan Brown into 9, bring Beau Scott into 13 and start with Terepo and Matagi to try and win the defensive ruck, I would also drop Manu one of my favorites to wenty and start Moeroa for more added defensive stability.  

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  • Can you provide us statts for offloads?

    both middle and edge forwards please??

    • Brown has 11 offloads at 2 per game

      Mau is next best with 5 at 1 per game

      the rest are all less then 2 for the season

      • Thanks for that.

        manly made more offloads against us than we have made in 5 games.

        they are being coached to offload

        we are not

      • Send this one to BA. That is a big problem with our attack.

    • Let me have a stab at that.  

      Bugger all across the pack in all 5 games

  • Great blog

    Alvaro should be doing better with his runs

  • Parody -It would be interesting to see how these stats would compare with the average of forwards from say St George, or Warriors

  • Brown to 9 is interesting 

    Why didn't work last year - can it be fixed?

  • Brown to 9 is pure idiocy, he's our best middle forward and to stick him to dummy half is just further proof what a dope BA is.

    • You are missing the point A.H, Cameron and Kaysa give horrible service for 1st grade standard hookers, so why not put Brown there? he is way better defensively and he can't be any worst giving service, it's not about what we don't have at this stage it's about what we have got! 

This reply was deleted.