Disgraced former NRL player Brett #Finch, who shared sick fantasies about young boys on a sex hotline, has been spared from prison but will serve a 2 year sentence in the community, which involves supervision, mental health treatment and random drug testing. @9NewsSyd 

Between November 2020 and January 2021, Finch used the FastMeet service to leave messages for other men about wanting to have sex with teens and young boys.

He left seven voice messages on the service on six occasions, during each one providing a description of himself before expressing his desire to engage in sexual acts with young boys aged between 12 and 16.

The voice messages left by Finch are too vulgar to print.

“Each contained what could only be described as highly depraved and sexualised content,” Judge Mahoney said on Wednesday.

He added that while Finch’s offending did not involve the actual abuse of children, it could “normalise” the behaviour for those receiving the messages.


On Wednesday, he was handed a two-year sentence to be served in the community that requires him to be of good behaviour and undergo psychiatric treatment

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  • Well, what do you think? Does the punishment for the crime?

      • I hate pedophiles but all along I have thought he got on the bandwagon for drugs so I think I'm ok with judges ruling .

        catch the real assholes making videos etc abusing chn and selling them 


        • I'll also add that everyone here has their own lens for looking at this crime and it's triggers 

          I had a pedo priest in my parish and home at times so I understand ppls differing views 

          • Should have been taken to prison and thrown to 'the boys'

            Farking sick kent.

  • I would have preferred he received the Covid cure, North Korean style. 

  • I'm confused. I heard a while back he was only using this platform to aid his drug habit. By the sounds of this it doesn't seem the case. 

  • Nothing makes sense with this whole saga.

  • Disgusting ruling. He deserves jail.  But what do we expect when the judges and law makers in Australia have a deep history of this behaviour. 

    • Weak knees judges all round 

  • What a load of BS, using addiction to justify shitty behaviour that deserved time in jail - like getting cocaine is some mission...


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