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Dealing with the children these holidays - indoors v outdoors.

My kids are good kids but they have a problem maybe an addiction to gaming on the X box to playing with their ipads and watching TV.

Its a hassle to get them outside on a nice day. We have a pool, a football oval 3 minutes walk away and all sports equipment such as a basket ball ring and complete gym set and a boxing bag.

What do you do to get them outside without using the technique of taking down the internet.

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My boys watch a bit of cricket and then feel compelled to try out some new techniques in the back yard. We don't generally have any problems getting them outside. Mind you, they know full well that the TV doesn't go on until after dinner and they aren't into games/internet so much. You just need to set some rules. Unfortunately with 6 weeks holidays, boredom does inevitably set in.

Take them to a BBL match they will love it then be more likely go outside play cricket as LE said.

Dunno mate! Feck grown adults are just as bad. About a week before Xmas I took my nephew to the pub for dinner and he pointed at a table of 30 somethings ( 8 of them all blokes ) all sitting with there faces staring at their phones. I starting taking notice and was surpried at just how little interaction they were having with each other. Even my nephew at the age of 12 wondered why the feck you would go out with mates to a pub to spend majority of your time scrolling Facebook. 

I know last year I seen a couple in which looked like a date at a restaurant me and my wife was at - all they done was look on their phones - no talking just silence.

Pay them to mow the lawn whilst you watch with a beer , or offer them $10 to wash and vacuum your car .  That’s what we used to do , before the days where parents we obliged to entertain their kids every day by taking them to trampoline , theme parks and movie theatres .  Those things were once or twice per holidays treat if you’d been good . 

My mrs has had the kids out at these places with her girlfriends just about everyday since we got back from 2 weeks away . Last night I flipped it and told her to settle the f*** down and give them some chores . 

Agree Wiz, it's amazing how many parents believe that for the kids to be entertained they need to fork out money. I can't remember my parents ever really doing that unless it was a movie during the holidays a couple of times a year. Parents these days have been sucked in by the relentless marketing of these "entertainment" companies and they have no idea how to turn back.

The biggest scam these days regarding kids is Swimming Lessons... When I was a kid I went to lessons to learn how to swim, once I had learned (after 4 weekends) I got my certificate and that was it I was finished... Now days Swimming lessons go for the whole year... 

My brother owns a swimming centre  and he always told me that until they’re at least  2 it’s pointless paying for swimming lessons , yet every day a new helicopter Mum throws hundreds of dollars at him to teach their baby how to do 100m butterfly . 

Yup I see it too at my kids' lessons (yes I know I'm contradicting myself, but it was my wife's decision lol) .... In my opinion, the average person only needs to learn how to not drown.... Unless ur planning on becoming an olympian u dont need swimming classes for the whole year!

I agree - my kids have a list of chores but my wife usually does them for them - I say I wont pay them but my wife does.

I look after my Grandson Mon and Tues so my daughter can work. Sounds like he is a lot younger than the kids you are talking about he had only just turned 4

On Tuesday I took him on the train into the city went to Hobbyco and walked around the city, under the Harbour bridge great day. Only real expense was going to Macca's

That’s a proper day out John , good onya . My best memories from that age was something quite similar . My great grandmother used to take me on the train all over the place when she used to look after me . Back then you could hop on a ferry and go to Fort Denison , she also took me around the city showing me where iconic buildings at events used to be / took place . She was about 80 back then ( 35 years ago ) and had grown up around the city so she was very wise in this area .  A very strong Northern Irish woman who was a war widow and had travelled the world by herself 3 times . Even though she died when I was about 10 you’d be amazed how much I remember from what she taught and showed me so don’t discount how much that young fella will be learning off you mate . 


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