• Eels or Souths or Roosters

    • I hope it's the first one and they should get the cheque book ready. He is the one forward I would spend big on but no more than 3 or 4 year contract. Prefer 3 with a fourth in the clubs favor. 

      • I'd give him as many years as he wanted. He and Payne Haas are going to be best edge & middle forwards respectively over the next decade, you pay him as much money and as many years as it takes to get him. If he wanted a ten year deal, I'd give it to him. Wouldn't think twice.

      • Lmao we are not getting one of those last year in the clubs favour deals. It's all in his court. Lucky kid really. He must be loving life right now. 

  • Rumours are the Eels are about the launch a $1million bid to poach David on the 1st November, hold on to your hats. If he gets here I will blow my load!!!

    • Your loads safe mate - it's Parra we're talking about not the Roosters.

  • But he is not available until 2021

    We need a replacement now

    • And patience will help if its an affirmed move to the eels.

  • There's an article today that said "mum makes the call". We're fucked. 

    • Indeed. Politis has probably already given her a car or two from one of his many dealerships...

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