The Cronulla Sharks are staring down the barrel of a salary cap penalty of half a million dollars or more with the NRL having reportedly uncovered more discrepancies beyond the one it self-reported to the integrity unit last year.
The Sydney Morning Herald reported on Tuesday night that the NRL’s forensic audit of the club’s computer servers stretching back several years has revealed more than just the single salary cap anomaly chief executive Barry Russell reported in August last year.

As well as having a fine imposed, the Sharks could be penalised $500,000 under its cap when the Australian Rugby League Commission delivers its findings after meeting on Thursday.

That could mean bad news for hooker James Segeyaro, who re-signed with the club on a one-year deal on Tuesday after being cast into the NRL wilderness at the end of last season.

The Herald reported that the Papua New Guinea international has been given no guarantee his contract will be registered pending the outcome of the salary cap investigation.


The Sharks board met on Tuesday night to discuss how to handle any proposed NRL fine and salary cap impediment.

Crionulla are already appealing an $800,000 sanction handed down last year over a raft of emails previous officials instigated with former coach Shane Flanagan during his 2014 ban over the ASADA scandal.

Under the terms of Flanagan’s ban, the club and coach were to have no contact with each other until his suspension expired.

Flanagan will learn the fate of his appeal over his deregistration from the NRL later this week.

Russell met with the entire squad of Sharks players on Tuesday morning to discuss the cap issues, and co-captain Paul Gallen said the playing group remains unaffected by the drama.

“You wouldn’t even know there’s any issues as far as the team goes,” Gallen said. “We’ve been through worse as individuals and players. It’s not overly concerning, but the concerning part for me is that I suppose at the end of the day it will affect the players again.

“That’s what I find frustrating. I have got no idea what penalty this is going to be. I’ve got no idea if we’re going to lose a player. I really don’t know. I’m not going to speculate on that.

“[But] we haven’t missed a beat and training has been pretty good to be honest. I know there’s been a fair bit of outside noise, but there’s no issues as far as the boys go.”



I hope this also leads to them getting the premiership being stripped off them also.

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  • They won’t be stripped as they were only over the cap in 2015 , 2017 , 2018 ........ just ask GreenTurd . 

    • if they were over on either side of their premiership then you can bet 2016 is tarnished as well. 

      This means not only did they cheat by taking drugs but also by being over the cap for a prolonged period of time. All this under Flanagan's watch & Gallen's captaincy. should I say more about these 2?!?!   

  • The off season from hell with multiple players charged with serious issues plus the salary cap issues with Manly, Tiger's, Storm & Sharks. It all starts at the top ( Greenburg ) Clubs will do whatever they can get away with & having such weak leadership it's no wonder the NRL has so many bad headlines.

    • Surely the commission must start questioning his leadership or lack of it.

      Beattie must also grow some balls and do something here.

  • Yet no pressure by media to strip the title where they miraculously got under the cap for only time in middle of other years.

    If any contract spanned through that year regardless if paid in different year the premiership is tarnished

    • We were cap compliant the year we got in trouble, didn't stop them stripping the 9's Title!!!!

      You're spot on FM, there's zero doubt that some players in that Premiership team were assembled the prior year, thereby illegally. Regardless if by some miracle they were actually under in 2016, the fact remains they have to be stripped - the  NRL also made us lose players by adding the previouos years discrepancies to our 2016 cap. If the Sharks were over in 2015 the 2016 is definitely tainted, it has to be stripped based on precedents set in our case that very same year!!!

  • Shows the double standard of the NRL and why it is failing against the AFL, soccer and other sports as the people in charge starting with Greenturd have no idea and destroying what once was the greatest sport on earth.

  • 2015 and 2017, over the cap, 2016 not over the cap and win the comp, who are the idiots running the club, it proves if you don't cheat you can win the comp but if you cheat you don't.

  • If this has tarnished another Premiership, Greenburg needs to stand down immediately. It is clear that he has done nothing to fix this problem, which has been ongoing for well over a decade. This is completely unacceptable and makes a mockery of the whole competition. It has been very clear that there is no such thing as an even competition, yet the fools at NRL headquarters keep telling themselves it is.

    • The NRL is the only competition I know of in the world where you can go for a team and cheer them on the win a trophy and then a few years later have that trophy taken off you and fines handed down. 


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