Cronk approached to join Parramatta

Take it as read, Parramatta have approached Cronk to do some consultancy work with the halves, and also other things. Unfortunately Parra ain’t the only club that have approached him (Roosters, Bulldogs that I know of).

I guess all they can do is ask no harm in that.

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  • Money talks everyone has a prices . He would be awesome for Brown and Moses would learn a lot from him

  • Gee that would be great if it happened.

  • There is no way in hell roosters aren’t retaining him lol

    • If its consultancy work, no reason he can't do it for than one club

  • Absolutely bloody well fabulous!!!! Roosters are far  too smart to let him go, but no harm trying. Good on Parra letting loose of the purse strings to try to get the best and build from where we are.

    if it falls through hope they approach Buderus or Ennis.

    • Macy, I noticed when watching the Raiders and Muttons game, that on a couple of occassions the camera's went to the Dickies box, and at the back was Ennis, on all the Dickie blow ups Ennis sat there very much poker faced, his eyes looked open so I assumed he was still alive.

      For him to travel to Canberra which is a long drive albeit on a decent stretch of road, it must pay well for whatever role he plays at the club.  The eels could do quite well in securing his services for certain roles with the halves and the 9's in particular, and it does not have to be full time and interfere with his media roles either, we do need to get a better defensive coach than the one we have atm. my choice is with Dymock, who I believe is finished at the gummies.

      • Colin, I read the other day that Jim Dymock has signed up as assistamt coach for next season at the Titans, i'm pretty sure it was.

        Yeah just checked, senior coaching assistant at the Gold Coast.

        • Thanks Alan,

          Shame we did not go for him, as a player at the eels he played in 3 positions and excellent in each of them Hooker, Lock and 5/8, a great reader of the game and set players up, also his defence was tops, the ideal choice for our senior assistant coach.

          I have no doubt that he will be an NRL coach in his own right, and a good one at that

  • Joey and a couple of others do consultancy work with other clubs.

    Don't ask, you don't get.

  • Make him a full time member of the staff. Why only go half way and use him as a freelance consultant?

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