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Crawley bagging Eels

Im so fed up with Paul Crawley banging on about how the Eels are disrespecting Gutho. He can just F@#* off. Every time is see him on tv or an article he has writen, its about the Eels and Gutho's contract. If he keeps going i fear he will have an influence and cause a rift between Gutho and the club. Even at the post match press confrence he couldnt help but ask BA about it, when he should have just talked about the great display we put on in that awesome stadium. Its like he cant find anything else to talk about in rugby league

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  • Yawn, simple things for simple people I guess.

  • This whole saga is all about BA getting a deal along with Gutho. It’s all a big game being played out by their respective managers ! The club are doing the right thing by holding off - if they want to go then Go ! But they won’t.....the thing is if the club wants Gutho and not BA we will probably loose them both! But we will only loose them both if things go pear shaped in which case good riddance ! At the moment the team are performing and it’s very healthy for players to be playing for their futures - it should be like that every year ! Do you think you hold your spot in the NFL if you are not performing ?

  • bring on the juniors

  • Just to make a coupe of points on the Gutho stuff because I've been off-air for a while when this has been going on.

    1. We're going to have this problem while we're behind the eight-ball on TPAs. We must be the only club who couldn't easily find a $50k TPA for our captain and most popular player. So we're having to dick around for a $50k or $100k to keep our cap managable when other clubs would just have a line-up of TPA backers ready to step in here.

    2. On a related note, even saving $50k on each of your top six highest paid players means you've got another $300k in your cap, which is enough for another very handy player. As a potential long-term leader for the club, I have to say it's not a good look or the kind of leadership you want to see from your future captain, going public with his attempt to screw every last dime out of the club. What kind of precendent does that set for every other player in the club. I think his manager is doing him a disservice by going to the media with this and making him look mercenary.

    • Why do you think Parra is still not attractive to TPA backers whereas most other clubs are? With a new stadium and one of the fastest growing business districts on our doorstep it just doesn't make sense. Are Parra supposed to find these themselves? We got done for doing this.

      • As far as I'm aware, it's still management's policy that we don't do TPAs, after the last salary cap controversy.

        • Phil it’s ridiculous that the club is still paranoid about utilising legit TPAs... unless of course there is no such thing. Like longfin says above we should be a club with some players that are in a great position to be able for player/managers to sign some up.

          youd imagine a manager of a player like Guth would have them beating his door down, but if the club doesn’t want them involved that’s plain lunacy and puts us potentially millions behind the eight ball.

          • Agree Macy. If I were Bernie I'd be demanding Greenburg to explain exactly how Parra can get hold of these TPAs that other Sydney clubs are getting. I'm sure they are not all from just rich supporters with money to burn.

            It really does suggest the whole thing is a farce. I'm confident that Parra have read the rules very carefully around this, and as far as I am aware the rules suggest that Parra should have nothing to do with setting these up. Which goes back to my original question why aren't Parra players able to attract these deals? Surely the club would not be knocking back players who have attracted TPAs on their own?

            • This reply was deleted.
              • Starting point, is that I find it difficult that if a manager comes forward with a TPA that we would knock it back, notwithstanding past policy.

                In relation to your point Mace i.e. a player like Guth would have them beating his door down

                I would have to ask why? there is no great attraction to a sponsor unless there is some leverage, read what Fong wrote in his expose very carefully......favours for favours and it don't go near the books. This is a back scratching exercise and would most probably involve a very powerful businessman in a singular sense. 

                Successful TPA's are going to come from rich individuals or corporates that are part of a broader group i.e. the coterie principal ......there is not a lot of commercial value for a sponsor on its own.

                Finny, with regard to your point re demanding Greenburg, it has nothing to do with him and if a club is not commercial enough he would see that as fitting, the club cannot actively chase same. The Manager's are the key to that and every legal TPA goes through a manager, ratified by the club and the NRL.

                It should be obvious to Managers who can and can't provide legal TPA's and what clubs unofficially are favoured by such arrangements. The Bronco's gallopers group for example, which I may add is no where near as powerful as it once was.

                The theory of course is that the TPA would be transferable once a player has it and he could move to any club he wants to without effecting it. THIS IS WHERE THE FARCE IS it doesn't happen that way.

                I wrote a post the other day about all those new corporate suites at the new ground, hopefully a little birdie is trying to put together a cartel, outside of the influences of the club that can handle a series of TPA's if approached directly by the player managers. It would not be beyond that such sponsorships/tpa's are most suitable to Parra players who these corporates may use in combination with entertaining undertaken at the new stadium.

                Are you getting the drift here????



                • Pops, the TPAs do have to go through the NRL. How did Parra get busted again in 2016?

                  I think you have just put into words how farcical the TPA issue it. If the only way to get them is through some billionaire boy's club, then that is a blight on the game. All that does is promote underhandedness, which is exactly what has transpired every year since they were introduced. We have seen just about every club be in trouble with salary cap and TPAs - nothing will change until the NRL fix this mess.

                  The fact that not one single TPA has moved clubs with a player suggest the clubs are involved up to their ears. I just can't believe they are being produced purely by rich supporters and that Parra are the only club without such supporters.

This reply was deleted.

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