• I believe his family haven't been impressed with how the club dealt with his older brothers neck injury, which if it's true is poor from the clubs point

    • His brother injured himself playing SoO, and the club even went to the lengths of exploring paying extra for insurance cover but it was too risky. A bad tackle and he would have no blood going to his brain.

      Any suggestion that the family is upset with Parra is baseless.

      • Good Im glad, I would hate for the club to have handled the situation poorly

    • Very old news


      • Older than your leathery ass

        • No. Mines juicy


  • I reckon TuiKblahblah needs to just show why he was given a shot at FG and I don't care what he does next year. Next year is next year and what the Eels need in 2020 is some cover at prop so that come finals time Paulo, RCG and Evans will have the juice to play 3-4 games at full pelt. 

    If UtiiKblahblah helps get the Eels through the next 3-4 months to a GF victory, even at the Tigers he will still have my gratitude. 

    • Maybe he needs a bit more than 15 seconds of game time to show what he's got?

      • Thats a very solid point.

        More game time with his mates makes the equation more complex. The brother stuff has long been sorted and settled with NSW League.


      • By rights BA didn't need to put him on, the game was in the balance and he took a winger off just so he could run on and get a carry, BA did him a favour.

        There's been plenty of blokes sit the whole game on the bench, in Origins and finals, it's not that a big deal

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