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    • Is he available? This would be a great signing.

      • Pangi junior is off contract and starting talks with whoever wants to. Doubt he would come to the Eels, Future champion of our game.

        Lets see if the same contract and media shit comes out around him.

  • Who cares! The sooner this circus clown leaves the better for everyone.

  • What a rabble of comments......Clint Gutherson is a professional footballer, playing a professional game.

    If you bloke's cannot come to terms that playing for Parramatta is not the "greatest thing" he can do to further his career" then you don't understand that you don't understand!

    Why would you want him to go? What doesn't he give you as a player? he is wholehearted, dedicated to his game and wants to win....demonstrated by his passion in arguing with Peniara over Sivo send off.

    Heisen is going to be sick in his bucket......well that turns me off him!......Heisen is the classical "fair wether" supporter....almost unhappy if he doesn't have something to complain's around like a dog wagging his tail when we are doing all right! 

    Apologies to the non whingers and detractors in these posts.

    • Most of us don't really have an issue with him if he wants to leave. It's the way he's gone about it. We're into about the seventh week of these contract negotiations and he had the gall, last week, to come out and say he didn't like being called greedy and he just wanted it over and done with. He could end this whenever he wants. At the end of the day it's his decision regardless of what his manager says. He's been more work than Jarryd Hayne was when his contract negotiations came up and that's saying something.

      • Difference is when Haynes contract was up, there was always speculation he would code hop or join another club to bump up his price, with gutho the manly speculation really only happened last couple of weeks which is pretty good considering negotiations went for 6 months 

    • "Why would you want him to go?"

      To sign a better player, with less baggage for the same coin. 

      • Well that just shows you "Angy" do you think you can find one?

        If you do, set him up in front of this Mob and see what you can do for his baggage......

        Any decent player we have cops the shit from this mob of whingers......Gutherson, Moses, French, Moreoa, Scott, how long before we turn on Junior Paulo, Ferguson and Sivo? we will probably nail the Hooker and the two Brown's before the season is out!

        • I rate the players that you mention (although French was extremely disappointing last season) and no, I haven't turned on anyone. Some of the arguments put forward NOT to sign Gutherson (i.e the media circus, knee injuries, inflated price, loyalty, retaining Brown etc.) are simply worthy of consideration.  

          • "To sign a better player, with less baggage for the same coin".

            That is why you wanted him to go!

            Now he has anounced he is not going, doesn't anything change?

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