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It’s crazy to think the coach of a team that finished in the top four could be under pressure the following season, but such is the brutal nature of the NRL. Arthur signed an extension in August which will keep him at the helm until the end of 2022. But as all of the axed coaches in 2020 will tell you, contracts don’t always mean a coach is safe. Arthur and his team recruited well heading into 2020 to build a competitive side that went on an impressive run in the first half of the season, winning eight of their first 10 games. But then the wheels began to fall off and by finals the Eels were hardly the exciting and dominant team we saw at the start of the year. They should have gone deeper into the finals, it’s as simple as that and their back-to-back finals losses raised some doubt over whether Arthur is the right man to take the club to the premiership.

87cea939857b56c611d3af6c407d3474 400w, 480w, 650w, 700w" alt="Can Brad Arthur take the Eels to a premiership? (AAP Image/Brendon Thorne)." />Can Brad Arthur take the Eels to a premiership? (AAP Image/Brendon Thorne).Source: AAP

After the Eels’ semi-final loss to the Rabbitohs, club legend Peter Sterling suggested the players lacked mental resilience. On the back of that it was reported that there were some rumblings of unrest with the Parramatta hierarchy wanting to see a change in Arthur’s coaching style. One person from the club went as far as saying “running an extra three laps of the oval is not going to get us a premiership.”

That’s hard to ignore

There hasn’t been complete unity in the recruitment department either which has led to some eyebrow-raising signings that not everyone is on board with and the butting of heads has added to the existing tension.

While the issues may not be isolated to just Arthur, he is the head coach which means, fair or not, the blowback lands on him.

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  • Exactly right, so the pressure should be applied.

    His finals record is appalling and the way they dropped off late in the season is an indication that he worked the players too hard early in the season, the good run was possibly because the team was fitter than the opposition.

    Please step aside Brad and let someone more capable finish the job off.

    • Who is more capable?

      • The problem is Mick, the Scott Dregs of this world have no idea what more capable means, its like saying change the government.....sometimes the Devil you know is better than the one you don't know.

        All the solutions I hear on here are the same old .....but nothing to say who that person who is more Jesus Christ and Muhammad more capable, probably but not available

        If Scott Dregs was part of my executive I would ask him for the solution and I would keep asking and kicking him up the arse till his nose bled, if I wanted to employ critic's, I would employ them for that. The only reason Scot Dregs is on the staff at all of course is he is a relative of my wife. I do do understand a "happy wife" is a happy life.......your on notice Scotty!

        Come to me with solutions, not excuses!


        • Agree with you Pops, it's always just "sack BA". And some of those that are still calling for him to be sacked have offered some gems - there was sign Siebold, well that went well for the Broncos - sign Hasler, well how'd the Eagles go with arguably a better roster and more higher paid stars than BA had - sign Maguire, well the Tigers are absolutely on fire aren't they? Then there's "throw everything at Bellamy" ummmm there's a thing called a salary cap on footy spending coming into place so they can't see that isn't a possibility either.

          Yeah, we've gone terrible in the semis although the latest one against the Bunnies is a bit unfair to bag him on given injuries, suspension and what happened to Jenko on the morning of the game!!

          Is there a better coach out there, yeah sure there is, but here's the questions (which I already know will be too hard for the ususal Sack BA brigade to answer, but here we go anyway:-

          1. Who is the best coach available
          2. What players would this new miracle coach move on and which would he keep
          3. With the inevitable change in players, does this leave a happy squad like we have now or something like the Tigers have
          4. New coach, new systems. How long does it take for the players to learn these new systems and have them to a level that is a Premiership winning possibility
          5. Are the "Sack BA" brigade happy to forego a Premiership for another 3-5 years whilst this new Coach gets the team he wants and the systems he wants in place? Nope, he'll get 2 years and the "Sack Coach X" blogs will start
          6. Will this new coach continue the junior pathways that BA has helped put in place and is starting to bear fruit

          The problem with the "Sack BA" brigade is they can't see the forest for the trees. Their hatred of BA has them blinded to all the good things he has done, player signings, junior development etc. The last 2 years alone have shown that BA can coach, the incessant Bush Coach shit absolutely pisses me off. The final piece of the puzzle is getting some semi final success and I'm sure it will come. The season is 25 odd rounds and we've shown the last 2 years we've improved in the week to week grind of the NRL, which is no mean feat, but seemingly lost on the "Sack BA" brigade. We just need that bit of luck with injuries and suspensions come the small 4 week finals series, which is seemingly the only thing that these guys pay any credit to whatsoever.


          • LMAO this is gold, deadset gold. I love it, currently on my break at work laughing my head off 😂

            Are the "Sack BA" brigade happy to forego a Premiership for another 3-5 years whilst this new Coach gets the team he wants and the systems he wants in place? Nope, he'll get 2 years and the "Sack Coach X" blogs will start..... BA won't take us to a premiership in the next 3-5 years, so why wouldn't you try a new coach? Whether or not someone you cant find someone better, BA has proven hes not the answer. 

            Any coach can coach but can any coach, coach when it actually matters? BA can't coach when it matters, as soon they pressure is applied, he folds, it's proven under his tenture. He even admitted after opening Bankwest game that his side struggles when it matters and he was surprised they turned up so well.... and guess what? they still struggle.

            New coach, new systems? What system does BA currently have that works? To play footy when the pressure isn't on then fold when it matters most? Cause that's been alot under his coaching. 

            We can pay credit for improvement but BA hasn't improved when it comes to the finals, he chokes, it's fact, his final records has proven it. 

            The current squad is happy to play under BA cause he hold no one accountable (unless you actually go against "his systems") then you're banished. You can come to work, get paid well and know no matter how shit you play, he will stick it out with you, cause when you treat players like mates, you cant have a hardline stance, cause you dont want to hurt your mates feelings.

            Good clubs can poach any coach if they really wanted too, I've named Craig Fitzgibbon as my target, he's a winner. We lack a winners mentality, BA is not a winner and he never will be. 

             You will bring up any excuse to protect BA, which is fine, nothing wrong with that, just like there is nothing wrong with being on the "sack BA" brigade.

            Hope you have a lovely Wednesday Brissy.  

            • Is Craig Fitzgibbon available Rapapipe?

              • As of 2022 he is. 

                • Here's a tip for you Rappetite.  Trent Robinson is an out and out Francophile.  If the Covid situation in Europe improves, he'll pack up after 2021 and head back there.  Fitzgibbon will be odds on to take over at the Roosters, so we have absolutely no chance of landing either of them.


                • Poor Muppet 

                  • I can imagine you don't own too many mirrors in your house, I wouldn't either  if i was you, i'd hate to see a fuckwit everyday 😘

This reply was deleted.

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