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Over recent weeks there has been media speculation in relation to certain players at our Club who are off contract at the end of 2022.  The media has a job to do in reporting player movements which we respect as we understand the public interest in our players.


Over the last six months, we have regularly engaged with all our players and their managers in a private and productive manner, balancing the Club’s intent to ensure players are paid fairly and their value is appropriately recognized, whilst ensuring we are assembling our strongest possible roster year on year.


Our approach is not to engage publicly in speculation regarding player negotiations. It is disrespectful to the players involved, is unhelpful in building a team that is set up for success, and most importantly, goes against how we aim to operate as a Club.


To date, our discussions with players and their managers have been robust, professional and constructive. These discussions are ongoing and we look forward to updating you shortly with some exciting news on our roster for 2022, 2023 and beyond.

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  • About time the people in authority closed the mouths of the media with all these stories.

  • Nice statement from the club. The player managers and their media mates have been firing off at the club for a while now. 

  • Good statement from the club, and it would be nice if that was the end of all the unfounded speculation, but it won't be...

  • This is a professional response, a response worth crediting to a well ran organisation

  • Nice.

  • I'm waiting for it, it's going to come, just waiting to see who'll be first to rubbish the club for this balanced statement.

    • Well Brissy eel,  I've had my say and have been very respectful, Scotty & Mclovin are both banned and Fong is playing golf with Uncle Nik, so don't hold your breath Brissy. 


      • Was glad I was sitting down when I read your initial response!!!! You on some sort of medication today??

        • Brissy, I'd just had a vegetarian hamburger, it may have been that lol..

      • Seriously, is Scotty banned? Surely Brissy isn't that precious.

This reply was deleted.

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