• He is going to manly, be good if he was coming to Parra. 

  • Hearing Manly now.

  • I read that there is a rumour on face book this morning that he is going to Canberra. Crikies Paulie Pauline have you been into the heavy gossip at Long Bay lol . 

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  • Brent Read is reporting Manly

    • Yeah but Pauly² is reporting Parra!

  • this idiot makes up everything. never been right once

    • So you must've forgot when i said fergo coming to the eels, when he was shown around at Newcastle. 

      and what about when I scooped the arrival of RCG, ohhh no he was going to Dragons they all said ....


      ohhhh wait

      im pretty sure i also scooped the come back of Junior Paulo and the signing of Shaun Lane. 

      ye ok CNN, just report what you want to hear....

      Some may back flip on their decision but I can't control that. 
      dont shoot the messenger 

      Im not on here much, only to share facts

      Christian Tuiloputo in talks, i hear he has signed. 
      not sure if he has signed but i know for a fact he has had talks....



      • So you start with DONE DEAL,now he's in talks?You couldn't scoop a dog shit off the beach with a bulldozer.

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