Brandon Smith avoids suspension

The NRL simply refuse to sanction any Melbourne Storm player. Brandon Smith joins Felise Kaufusi & Nelson Afosa-Solomona on the protected species list of Storm players who have remarkably avoided suspension.
Melbourne have a few injuries & the Nrl need them firing during the finals.
This is getting truely embarrassing.


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  • In fairness this barely deserved a penalty. This is not a hip drop it's a tackle that ended up awkward. Big difference between this and Carrigans

    • But honestly, if it was an eels player he'd get 4 weeks.

    • Yep agreed

  • Need the game to grow in Melbourne, so they get a few "free passes"

  • It may or may not have been accidental, but it was a hip drop.  Smith grabbed the shorts but then threw his left arm around the left leg and held on which pulled it under him.  Plenty of players have missed games for accidental high shots , this should be no different. Could've finished Tinos year . 

    should've been a week on the sidelines if we are being fair and equal. 

    • Smith was hanging on for dear life and in mid air, the momentum of Tino swung Smith under him. To suggest a hip drop here imo is crazy. Carrigan was the 3rd man in on a guy being held up.

      for this tackle to get a fine and NAS to get nothing for a deliberate thuggish act is beyond belief 

      • As Super Said he "Lost control "  Smith grabbed Tinos left leg with his left arm if you watch it closely . That's how he ended up in that position. 


        so what's the difference between him and Clearys tackle other than the kind of tackle ?  Do you think Ckeary meant to put Brown in that position and cop 5 weeks ?    Even if he control or not , it was illegal , same as most of the accidental incedents that Jnr Paulo always ends up missing weeks for . 

        • Control was lost because a 90kg Hooker got out muscled by 120kg prop. This doesn't mean smith was reckless or careless. There was no hip dropping motion at all imo which means it's not illegal, he simply got flung by a bigger man. We obviously see this much differently which is fine

          So many of the ugly tackles whether it be a spear, hip drop or cannon ball are usually caused by the 3rd man in the tackle trying to get the held man to the ground like in Clearys case. 

      • Yep not a hip drop he was being dragged along

    • That's not a hip drop Wiz. It was a good legs tackle. 

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