Bevan French our missing X Factor

Frenchy is killing it at moment in the UK and I reckon he could me our missing X factor we are oooking for. We could move Gutho into the left centre and French back to fullback. 

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  • I rather persist with blaze at fullback. French d is still terrible 

    • Blaze Dunster ??? Surely not

  • Can't and won't happen so this post is somewhat meaningless. 

  • He is good in a reserve grade comp like ESL but is reserve grade quality in the NRL. 

  • You only need to look at some of the other players that have dominated the ESL to realise it's not a great yardstick. Some Aussies have played until their well into their 60's / early 70's  , and Sam Tomkins is like their version of Andrew John's and the guy was an abortion at NRL level. 

    • BUT didn't Wigan beat Penrith overnight in the world club champs.....??

      I think we could fit French on a wing and let him rove a bit, his defence is ok technivally it is just his size that was an issue in OZ, that said he has grown out a bit and is stronger.Just the same I dont think BA is a great fan of Frenchie and if he does come back would he want to play with us? In a different style of side he could be sensational, just a case of having the right people around him. Is Pieera (spell) the Titan's winger any bigger? I suspect we would have him a heartbeat if he was available.

      • The WCC is a bit of a furfie. Irrespective of last night's result, I don't think a single ESL team would make the top 8 in the NRL if they were part of te full 26 round competition.

      • Phuleeeease , the fact you use that as a comparison to the NRL competition says enough .  

        one team travels around the globe into the oposite climate and then some,  and most players  play their first game in months .  Not to mention treat it like a end of season trip away. . 

        • French would do better than both Sivo and Simonsson. Both are useless. 

  • For those that haven't seen him lately, he has bulked up a bit and retained his speed. He defends like a backrower. Also the ball seems to always fall into his hands. 

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