Bevan French

Watched the Wigan v Salford game and Bevan tore them to pieces scoring three tries. I know it's ESL but worth a comment. Looks like he has put on some pounds but maintained his pace. The reporter was asking if he would go back to Parra and let's just say he didn't answer their question. Anyway interesting to see what happens.

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      • Not worth the risk. 95% of the time defense wins chips. 
        we don't need no milford 2.0. 

  • I said on an earlier post that I'd have him back for sure. Grown up in England and more mature, been playing at 6 and 1 and killing it! yea yea not NRL but he knows what is expected at the next level.

    Bring him home

    can play 1, 5, 6 and prob centre too

    fast and so very elusive, steps like Shaun Johnston, off the mark like Damien Cook and glides like Addo-Carr


  • Been there and tried that. French couldn't cut it at the Eels; no defence, big bottom lip and didn't like do the hard hitups. Can't see how a stint in super league would have fixed those issues.

    And where does he fit, certainly not moving Gutho or Dylan brown, he's a massive step down from Fergo & sivo & at centre he'd make Waqa look good. No thanks

    • Age fixes those things

    • DDay last stats I have come across is missed tackles 18 out of 14 games. Man of match 5 out of 16 games in UK. .18 clean breaks out of 18 games Posted them before.Maybe difficult to assess in a UK comp to an Aus comp. His stats are up there. with the best in UK comp currently over many criteria..You don,t judge a player on a poor season 3 or so seasons ago.Look at what he is doing now at age 24


  • Not sure about this one

    He left on bad terms last time and threw up some dreadful performances when his NRL career was on the line. I know people deserve second chances and all but do we really need to take back players that have this type of work ethic and attitude?

    I guess if we can snare him on the cheap then it maybe worth the risk, but if we are paying overs for him to return then I say pass. Eg $400/$500k.

    • He was already on 350k a year before he left for Wigan so it wouldn't surprise if parramatta offered him 500k a season. 

  • Gutho 5/8. Fuck moses off, put French to fb, he will suit the new speed of the game 

  • Not sure on this either.He was electric in his first year,maybe just down on confidence for a while then punted.he's wearing 6 but attacking from the back,playing fullback would solve his defensive issues plus Gutho hasn't the speed from kicks to make any impact.perhaps Gutho defends at centre then chimes in as he does now in attack ,many times this year he attacked from the centres to give the final pass or grubber.May complicate things but would give us that extra point of attack and would suit our style.I watched Bevan on Over the Black dot,he seemed happy over there however was keen to spend some time back home with family.He would have a point to prove and the NRL is the place to do that.Speed on the wings is great but what we lack is explosive speed through the middle,Moses has it but he rarely breaks through because the defense knows he's going to run it.Field was like a rabbit on the road running circles going nowhere.I say give him a crack,who knows maybe there was no bad blood between him and BA,it might have been go learn your craft and come back when you are ready.Now all we need is Hayne back and Timmy and maybe go to Churburg and offer Sandow a new Commodore to come play.

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