Bevan French

Watched the Wigan v Salford game and Bevan tore them to pieces scoring three tries. I know it's ESL but worth a comment. Looks like he has put on some pounds but maintained his pace. The reporter was asking if he would go back to Parra and let's just say he didn't answer their question. Anyway interesting to see what happens.

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  • Here are the match highlights. He does look to have put on some muscle and still looks very quick

    • Thanks PT  French s a natural footy player and smart .Top 13 for sure

  • I've always rated him. I would like him back. The best fit for us for him to be a 14.

    He has the pace (blistering), has the skills, good short kicking game, possesses footy IQ. Just lacked strength and muscle.

    He's kill tired middle forward legs running around them.




  • Defence really is poor...probably makes Bevo look a million times better than he is. 

  • He's definitely a step above ESL and looks ready for NRL. 3 tries, at least 2 try assists. Making it look easy. 
    Plenty here disagree (Snake I'm looking at you) but I really like French and would love him back at Parra. 
    He's got pace to burn!!  Absolute flyer and that's always a great quality to have in your 17. 
    He gives us cover for Gutho at Fullback. Gutho could even end up in the halves and French to FB (say Moses or Brown are out for a period). But whatever the case he'd definitely make us a more dangerous side and would cause all sorts of mayhem for opposition defences.  
    Lussick played halves for Salford and had a few nice touches. But hard to say much given the competition. 
    BTW Salford have Pauli Pauli and Inu. What a flashback. 
    Bring Bevan home. 

    • Fair point Muttman, and yes.  I will stayed reserved on him; only because I feel we let a couple of players go who maybe did not have the chance to impress (Salmon? Schneider).

      What is with the SL promotion of Black History Round? V political....

    • Now with the 6 again rule it's a different game. Will suit him down to the ground.

  • I know BEVO finished very average at Parra but I have watched him play a few games over there and he has brained them.  If we could get him back I say do it. I reckon King GUTHO is that good and that much of a footballer he could move to 5/8 or centre and still brain them.   NOTHING beats speed and his a poor man version of JAC.    Dont break the bank but if we get him back it woudl be good. LUSSICK looked handy as well. 

    • Can you imagine what JAC would do over there ...

      • Yes big time 

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