Bailey Simonsson in

Updated team list has Bailey Simonsson in for opiacic only 2 outcomes it's a straight swap or waqa is back at centre

Neither is what I would of done but here we are

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  • Hope he stays in the centres and doesnt go to wing. Waqa has been killing it on the wing and coming oiut of the back field he is a way better option. Not what I expected but Im backing him in

  • Not bad but a little unusual.  Keeping Waqa on the wing is good, Simonsson at centre is a little risky as he hasn't really played in that position in first grade.  I suppose he offers more speed for us that may be required against a speedy NQ backline.  Cartwright adds more to the bench than a 5 minutes a game Makatoa.  I still think it would have been a great opportunity to bring in Brown for a bit of grunt rather than JA as a "just incase Moses goes down" sub. 

    • I think most of us agree that Nathan Brown should have been selected. Gee, he must have really upset the coach. 

      • Ian where was N Brown going to play, have you seen him in the reggies since his return from injuriy  

  • Fuck. If waqa goes to centre we are fucked.

  • Advantage Cowboys.

  • 10824234677?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Holmes vs Penisini and Hiku vs Simmonson. Would have thought Hiku vs Jake a safer option

    • Roll with it dude. Trust those that know. It's a gf qualifier ffs!

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