Baby Boo - Hoo Broncos

I know the Broncos team has hit a bit of a bad patch but seriously some players "crying" after losing six games is just a bit over the top. Then being comforted by an opposition player in Cameron Blair. I wonder if Ray Price, Led Boyd, Geoff Toovey, Bob O'Reilly would shed a few tears on the field after losing six games. Seriously, there's  much more serious things in life happening to people to shed tears over but losing six games of Rugby League. These players need to toughen up, grow up, face the music, knuckle down instead of blubbering like babies looking for sympathy.

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          • And Jack Bird, forgot about him. 

          • Milford (the $MILLION flop) is contracted till end 2021 I think Adam.

            The sooner he is gone the better for them imo.

            Dearden could replace him in a heart beat, but the coach is hamstrung to dump Milly Missing.

  • Suck it up donkeys... Shit happens as they say.. I guess when your majority owned by News Limited what excuses can you have?? Well resourced and stable front office , profitable organisation, access to great junior talent and no competition in terms sponsor's, generous media coverage and exposure. Most teams don't have these advantages, footy clubs have lean times and we experienced that feeling between during the early to mid 90s and 2011 - 2015 so enjoy the pain broncos there is no sympathy from my end and the facts are they still working from a good base and other teams would envious of that. 

  • Talk about double standards.

    Only clubs like the Storm, Rooters and the Boncos could get that much sympathy and preferential treatment by the media.

    The Storm in 09 is never brought up nor mentioned yet guys like Hindy is the never ending punchline on Fox.

    Clubs like the Titans, Warriors and the Eels are expected to lose and when we win it's the feelgood fairytale or miracle turnaround in fortunes.

    No sympathy from me. 

  • I thought it was a bit of a play to show that Isaac Luke's laughing last week was wrong.

    Who cares?

  • Next week the Broncos apparently play the Dogs on Saturday. If the Broncos win, expect a week of redemption stories, treating the Broncos as the little engine that could. And it was even past their bedtime on a Saturday!  Ow if they lose to the Dogs, the story will be about how unjust it is to expect the Broncos to "travel".  Non-Friday counts as horrendous travel for the Broncos. 

    • Dogs are a massive chance. Dogs play a tough defensive style which the Broncos will hate. 

  • I’m enjoying watching them loose, this team use to have state & oz players all over the park. Most of us thought they were cheating the cap back then, who to know. But I don’t give a rats if they don’t win another game. 

  • Just STFU Monto - you don't know HOW much the Blues people living in QueeRZland are loving this.

    Let 'em cry in their Mummy's milk - it is music to my ears.

    Here's to them getting the spoon - that will destroy their over inflated egotistical sense of importance for years to come.


    • Im with you Sir Col. They give us heaps up here and it is constant and unrelenting. I am loving whats happening to the Broncos and Qld. 

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